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What Are PFAS?

New PFAS regulations are cropping up, and current regulations are expanding, either broadening reporting definitions to include mo …

PFAS, PFAS Compliance, PFAS Risk Assessment
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What Is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive?

Learn all about the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), including its impacts, scope, and more.


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Case Study
Staying Ahead of Escalating Compliance Demands: Prestolite & Assent

This case study provides a snapshot of how Prestolite tapped into Assent’ …

Conflict Minerals, Product Compliance, REACH, RoHS
Case Study
Titech Electric A/S: Exceeding Customer Expectations With a Trustworthy Compliance Program

Titech Electric A/S is a leading supplier of electrical panels and related …

Conflict Minerals, REACH, RoHS
The PFAS Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Identifying & Mitigating PFAS Risks in Your Supply Chain

Step by step, this handbook will help you understand, identify, and mitigat …

PFAS, Product Compliance, Prop 65, REACH, TSCA
Verdantix Recognizes Assent as a Leading Product Compliance Solution Provider

This infographic gives you a snapshot of Assent’s scores so you can see a …

PFAS, Product Compliance, Prop 65, REACH, RoHS, SCIP, TSCA
Case Study
A Culture of Proactive Compliance: Ryerson & Assent

This case study delves into Ryerson’s partnership with Assent to establish …

PFAS, Prop 65, REACH, RoHS
Case Study

This case study examines the challenges ESCATEC faced in its internal progr …

Product Compliance, REACH, RoHS
Applying the Revised REACH Article Rules

James Calder, Assent’s Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Progra …

Product Compliance, REACH
The EU Market Surveillance Regulation & the New Enforcement Landscape

Every year, non-compliant products are continually placed on the EU market …

Case Study
Tykoflex: Achieving Cost-Effective Results

Tykoflex, a family electronics company that is part of the Lagercrantz Grou …

Product Compliance, REACH, RoHS
Case Study
Teamvantage: How Assent Delivered 15–20% Time Savings

Teamvantage, a custom contract manufacturer and injection molder, works wit …

EU MDR, Product Compliance, Prop 65, REACH, RoHS
Expanding Your REACH Program to Support the Waste Framework Directive

Under the revised EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD), companies manufacturi …

Case Study
Terumo: Adding Deep Expertise to Your Team

Terumo Medical is a leading manufacturer of products used in the medical an …

Full Material Disclosures, Prop 65, REACH, Responsible Minerals
Case Study
Woodward: Growing Capacity With Automation & Expert Support

Woodward is a manufacturer in aerospace and industrial markets. Learn how A …

Case Study
Kaba Ilco: Unlocking Scalable Supply Chain Sustainability

Kaba Ilco is the largest key blank manufacturer in the U.S. With growing re …

Prop 65, REACH, RoHS
Case Study
Plexus: How to Grow Capacity Without Growing Your Team

Plexus is a market-leading electronics manufacturer, helping companies brin …

Conflict Minerals, Full Material Disclosures, REACH, RoHS
Managing REACH SVHC Reporting Under the Amended EU Waste Framework

This whitepaper provides insight into SVHC reporting requirements associate …