Regulatory Enforcement in Action

Non-compliance penalties are steep and may include fines, brand damage, and even contract loss. A proactive compliance strategy, powered by Assent, protects your brand and bottom line against these risks. 

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Enforcement Is on the Rise

Regulators and consumers are increasingly holding companies accountable, scrutinizing compliance reporting and sustainability claims more than ever before. Here are some recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a must for manufacturers.

“…several major companies now find themselves embroiled in litigation focused on PFAS false advertising, consumer protection violations, and deceptive statements made in marketing and ESG reports.“
John Gardella
Shareholder, CMBG3 Law


Notable Enforcement Actions

This page contains insights into notable product compliance and supply chain sustainability enforcement actions. Assent will update this page periodically. Information on this page is current as of March 28, 2024.


Upcoming Enforcement Risks

The regulatory landscape is continuously evolving, and requirements often change between a regulation’s initial proposal and the final ruling. The following are current forecasted enforcement risks based on available public information at the time of publication.

Mitigate Your Exposure to Enforcement Risks

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