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Knowledge Article
PFAS Reporting and State Requirements

When it comes to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), compliance is …

PFAS, PFAS Compliance, PFAS Risk Assessment
Knowledge Article
What Is the SCDDA?

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (SCDDA) requires German companies …

Knowledge Article
What Are PFAS?

New PFAS regulations are cropping up, and current regulations are expanding …

PFAS, PFAS Compliance, PFAS Risk Assessment
Overview, Knowledge Article
Jared Connors
Jared Connors
ESG vs CSR, Why Organizations Are Moving To ESG | Assent

Why move from CSR to ESG? Traditionally, corporate social responsibility ( …

Knowledge Article
What Are Critical Minerals?

After identifying critical minerals in a product, companies will need to tr …

Conflict Minerals
Knowledge Article
Frequently Asked Questions About the EU Waste Framework Directive

In 2018, the European Union (EU) Waste Framework Directive (WFD) was amende …

Knowledge Article
What Is Product Compliance?

To bring a product to market, companies must undertake a variety of tasks a …

Product Compliance
Knowledge Article
What Is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is the enslavement and/or trade of people, typically for …

Human Trafficking & Slavery
Knowledge Article
What Is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery refers to present-day institutional slavery or forced labor …

Human Trafficking & Slavery
Knowledge Article
What Is Cobalt?

Cobalt is a mineral that is generally produced as a byproduct of mining oth …

Responsible Minerals
Knowledge Article
What Are HTS Codes?

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes are the numerical sequence assigned …

Custom Codes
Knowledge Article
What Are HS Codes?

Harmonized System codes are used throughout the export process to classify …

Custom Codes
Knowledge Article
What Is Trade Classification & Origin?

Trade classification and origin is a series of requirements that must be me …

Country of Origin, Trade Compliance
Knowledge Article
Understanding REACH Exemptions

Understanding different types of exemptions can help companies determine wh …

Knowledge Article
What Is the AD-DSL?

Created and maintained by the International Aerospace Environmental Group ( …

Knowledge Article
Responsible Mineral Sourcing

Responsible mineral sourcing is the practice of procuring raw minerals in a …

Conflict Minerals, Responsible Minerals