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Assent reveals what’s hidden, validates what’s good, and helps eliminate unwanted surprises. With solutions from product compliance to ESG, Assent helps the world’s most sustainable manufacturers win.

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Helping the World’s Most Sustainable Companies Win

Assent is the supply chain sustainability management solution for the world’s most responsible, sustainability-focused complex manufacturers. Manufacturers choose Assent for our depth of expertise, innovative technology, and exceptional service.

Customer Story

Why Corsair Gaming Inc. Chose Assent

Companies like Corsair Gaming Inc. rely on Assent to help them build a defensible ESG program. They achieved impressive results, including an 85% supplier response rate across six ESG topics.

Watch the video to see why Corsair chose Assent, and read the case study to learn about their results.

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Industry Testimonials

“We estimated that with staffing, data management costs, training, benefits, resources, tools, validation supplier follow-ups and regulatory updates … we would go over budget quickly. We needed Assent.”
Maria Simpson
Purchasing Manager, Kaba Ilco Corp.
“Launching products is so much faster now that we have access to this data.”
Larry W. Smith
Supplier Quality Program Senior Manager, GE Appliances
“I am very happy with Assent’s platform, their passion and support, and how they are evolving to meet the needs of the growing regulatory space.”
Joseph Auer
Product Material Compliance Project Manager, Woodward

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What Assent Customers Are Saying

As part of doing business, you need to show compliance with a variety of global regulations and laws. Collecting and managing the data needed to do so can be challenging and time-consuming. If it sounds daunting, don’t worry — Assent, the global leader in supply chain data management, is here to help.

Client Testimonial

Plexus Corp.

This testimonial video features insights from Ryan Zelhofer, Product Compliance Manager at Plexus Corp.

Client Testimonial


This testimonial video features insights from Joseph Auer, Product Material Compliance Project Manager at Woodward Inc.

Client Testimonial


This testimonial video features insights from Benjamin Khor, Corporate Regulatory Compliance Manager, ESCATEC Sdh. Bhd.

Client Testimonial

Ashcroft Inc.

This testimonial video features insights from Samuel Martin, Material Compliance Engineer at Ashcroft Inc.

Supplier Testimonials

With a secure Supplier Portal, global 24/7 support, and continuing education programs, Assent makes it easy for suppliers to give you world-class data. Here’s what suppliers have to say about using Assent.

“Extremely user-friendly.”

“Very quick and simple to complete.”

“I wish all firms could make it this easy!”

“Very easy to use. More organizations should use this method.”

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