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Mitigate hidden supply chain risks and maintain your business reputation with our anti-bribery, anti-corruption (ABAC) supply chain sustainability solution.

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The ABAC Compliance Landscape

The presence of bribery and corruption in your supply chain impacts investor interest, market access, reputational risk, and your ability to meet customer requirements. To comply with ABAC regulations, manufacturers have to see deep into the supply chain to collect ESG reporting data. However, getting this information from suppliers is difficult, and the regulatory landscape is always evolving.

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The Risks of Non-Compliance

Achieving ABAC compliance is a continuous, ongoing effort. The risks for manufacturers are substantial, and the challenges are complex:

  • Market access: Loss of access to any number of global markets — and you can’t grow where you can’t go.
  • Company reputation: Risks hidden in supply chains expose your brand to potential damages.
  • Inability to prove compliance: Without supply chain transparency, proving due diligence is difficult, if not impossible.
  • Misaligned focus: In the event of a compliance issue, staff lose time resolving it instead of focusing on the jobs they were hired to do.

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

Recent Enforcements

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ABAC Solution Capabilities

Robust Data Collection

Gather defensible due diligence data with disclosures based on a deep understanding of regulations, materiality, and best practices.

Full Supply Chain Visibility

Deep-map your supply chain risk beyond surface-level disclosures by monitoring suppliers for topics material to your business, so you can prioritize the ones with a strong ESG track record.

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We’re the only ESG supply chain sustainability management platform built specifically for complex manufacturers. We help you see deeper, be smarter, and grow better. Our solution is built on industry best practices, so you can manage data in a single platform across the company and prioritize risks.

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