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A PFAS Solution for an Urgent Global Focus

The consequences for having per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in your products are increasing, due to the health and environmental risks they present. Regulations are on the rise, and companies using PFAS face lawsuits, market access loss, and product obsolescence. 

What you don’t know can put you at risk. PFAS in your supply chain can result in:

  • Unplanned product redesigns
  • Scarcity as competition for PFAS-free parts grows
  • Lower profits as customers switch to PFAS-free products
  • Insurers and investors divesting themselves of liability

That’s why you need solutions that help you comply with existing PFAS requirements.

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PFAS Are Everywhere, Making Compliance Difficult

With over 12,000 known PFAS chemicals, identifying which PFAS are in your supply chain and which are subject to regulation can be challenging.

Additionally, PFAS compliance requires:

  • Working with suppliers to identify PFAS in your supply chain, in both finished goods and operations
  • Possibly removing PFAS or finding alternative substances
  • Gathering information and data to meet new reporting requirements

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

Recent Enforcements
On an assembly line, brown glass bottles are filled by tubes.

PFAS Lawsuits Signal New Chapter in Insurer Liability

More companies are facing PFAS-related lawsuits. As a result, insurers are increasingly becoming wary of the risks presented to their business and are taking steps to protect themselves.
You’ll learn about:

  • Steps insurers are taking amidst PFAS lawsuits
  • The impact on manufacturers
  • What complex manufacturers can do right now
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You Can’t Comply Without Knowing Your Supply Chain

To identify PFAS in your products, you need to know which PFAS, if any, exist in your supply chain. That requires immense amounts of data — safety data sheets or product testing alone won’t be enough. You’ll need to engage your suppliers.

Many compliance teams are not prepared for this resource-intensive task.

See why our platform is the leading solution for PFAS Compliance.

Case Study

Ryerson: Pioneering Compliance Excellence

Ryerson, known for high-quality metal products, joined forces with Assent in 2020 to overhaul their compliance processes. Together they centralized its strategies, enhanced supply chain sustainability, and ensured they could adapt to evolving risks like PFAS. Their collaboration has not only streamlined operations but also driven significant cost savings, equivalent to 20 full-time salaries.
Since implementing the Assent Compliance Platform, the company has seen a 50 percent improvement in supplier outreach campaign completion time and accuracy, as well as a reduction in resources needed to achieve compliance.

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