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Manufacturing Supply Chains Require Smarter Engagement

Complex manufacturers need to dig deep to get to the farthest removed suppliers that have the highest-quality data. Poor data quality means more risks.

Assent’s solution is deeper than software alone, providing multilingual, targeted training and continuous support to deliver the real depth you need for sustainable growth.


Supplier Engagement Barriers

  • Suppliers don’t know if they’re in scope of a regulation.
  • Suppliers don’t understand the regulations affecting you.
  • Language and timezone differences.
  • Personnel changes in supplier organizations.
  • Inefficient email requests that are hard to audit.
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Response Rates & Risks

You can’t see deeper when your suppliers aren’t giving you the data you need, and you can’t find risks when you can’t see deeper. That’s why Assent focuses on removing barriers, helping your suppliers provide clean, accurate, and timely data.

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Customer Success

Case Study: ASM International

ASM International wanted to engage more of their suppliers. Assent was there to help them meet their goals and build a better program.

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Helping Suppliers Help You

Turnkey Support

We’ll manage your program and only tap you when items need your attention. It’s the most efficient way to manage compliance when you have too much on the go.

Create Clear Audit Trails

The Assent platform tracks requests and responses, allowing you to audit suppliers and be smarter about your next steps.

Easy-to-Use Supplier Portal

No need for messy spreadsheets or easy-to-lose emails. Assent’s Supplier Portal centralizes data submissions to make life easier for you and your suppliers.

The Assent Solution

Supplier management is simple with Assent. We give you a one-stop place for all your supplier data needs and ensure your suppliers have the smoothest experience possible.

Secure Supplier Portal

All data and contact information can be uploaded through our dedicated Supplier Portal. It streamlines data collection by giving suppliers confidence that their information is encrypted and secure.

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Keep It Simple for Suppliers

Assent improves supplier engagement and buy in by making it simple for them, with exceptional supplier support service from our in-house team. Assent removes the barriers to engagement and deeper data sign-on tokens help you dodge administrative challenges that block access to deep data.

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Supplier Engagement Is Just the Beginning

Managing suppliers is crucial, but the Assent advantage doesn’t stop there. Book your demo to learn more about how our complete solution delivers deep supply chain sustainability.

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