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Managing Your Global Supply Chain

Knowing the country of origin of products is vital to maintaining market access and anticipating tariffs. But collecting this data from your supply chain is tough. You need to track parts as they cross borders, while monitoring embargoes and trade agreements. Only Assent can go deep into your supply chain to get you the data you need.

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Why Collect Country of Origin Data

Country of origin data plays a crucial role in avoiding serious business risks, including:

  • Seizures of goods at border crossings.
  • Delays and supply chain disruptions.
  • Loss of market access and buyers.
  • Illegal import can also result in fines, imprisonment, and loss of license.

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

Recent Enforcements

See why our platform is the leading solution for Country of Origin Compliance

See Deeper With Assent’s Country of Origin Solution

Assent’s platform uses automation and proven supply chain expertise to streamline your compliance management efforts and boost data quality.

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View your product and part country of origin data at a glance through the Assent dashboard, giving you rapid transparency into product composition and origin. Get better data for smarter decision making.

Supplier Tools & Experts

Our Supplier Portal makes it easy for suppliers to submit data and ensures you get the best available information. Get a team of supplier engagement experts on your side, working across the globe in multiple languages.

Auditable Results

Track campaign progress to see unresponsive suppliers and locate supply chain risks. Assent gives you a reliable audit trail to back up due diligence claims for regulators and internal reviews.

Compliance Reporting

Assent dashboards generate country of origin reports to help you secure market access, avoid unnecessary tariffs, and ensure trade agreement compliance. Protect profits by eliminating compliance surprises.

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Why Assent

The Right Choice for Supply Chain Transparency

Assent is the only solution built specifically for complex manufacturers that need real supply chain insights. Developed and serviced by proven regulatory experts who understands the ins and outs of trade compliance. Centralize your compliance and experience true risk analytics and agility.

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