The Canada-EU Trade Agreement

Under the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), businesses in Canada and the European Union must comply with certain rules to avoid unnecessary costs. See how Assent can help.

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Compliance With the Canada-EU Trade Agreement

The free flow of goods and services between Canada and the European Union is covered under the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which came into effect in 2017. The agreement has complex requirements — manufacturers must scope product type for each country a product travels through, collect data from suppliers, and organize that information for customs officials.

To stay on top of these requirements, manufacturers need to know where their parts are sourced from, what region(s) parts or products travel through to get to the EU, and whether any changes to product sourcing impact applicability to CETA. It can also be difficult to collect this data from suppliers.

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The Risks of Non-Compliance With CETA

Failure to comply with CETA rules and regulations could result in losing access to the benefits of CETA, including the elimination of preferential tariffs. It could also mean delays or seizures at border crossings due to incorrect labeling.

CETA Solution Capabilities

Advanced Data Management

With Assent, gain easy access to parts and supplier information to empower deeper data-driven decision-making.

Detailed Reporting

Assent’s detailed dashboards and reports deep-map the complex manufacturing ecosystem, helping you see risks and opportunities in your supply chain.

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Why Assent

The Assent Advantage

Assent does what no one else can. We’re the only supply chain sustainability management solution built specifically for complex manufacturers, allowing you to manage compliance data in a single platform across your entire company. Built on industry best practices, our platform helps you prioritize high-risk suppliers for deeper screening or training. Additionally, our regulatory experts can provide support on how to meet CETA requirements so you can make the journey from impossible to sustainable.

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