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Customs codes are essential to classifying a product correctly for export. See how Assent simplifies the process so you can expand into global markets.

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Custom Codes Compliance

More than 200 countries use Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) codes to classify goods that are being shipped internationally. Customs codes impact tariffs and trade agreements, as well as embargoes on shipping routes.

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Keeping Up With Changing Geopolitics

Choosing how to label a product is a time-consuming, highly manual process, requiring resources to scope the classification of a product for each country it travels through. The data is always changing and it’s difficult to collect this data from suppliers.

Companies need to know:

  • Where parts are sourced from
  • What region(s) parts/products will travel through to get to their destination
  • Applicable tariffs and trade agreements
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Risks of Inaccurate Customs Codes

Trying to assign an HS/HTS code without all the necessary information is challenging, requiring internal resources to spend time on data collection rather than the jobs they were hired to do. Inaccurate codes can lead to unnecessary spending, delays, seizures, or even fines.

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Advanced Data Management

With Assent, gain easy access to parts and supplier information to empower deeper data-driven decision-making.

Detailed Reporting

Assent’s detailed dashboards and reports help you visualize risks and opportunities in your supply chain, helping you grow into new markets.

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