The Depth You Need to Get Trade Compliance Right

Maximize profitability and ensure optimal market access by accurately calculating tariffs and assessing eligibility for exemptions or other programs.

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There’s No Trade Without Trade Compliance

Navigating trade compliance — including tariffs and trade agreements, embargos on shipping routes, and product naming and customs codes — requires that you know what’s in your products, down to every raw material. This ever-changing data is hard to collect.

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You Can’t Grow Where You Can’t Go

Complex manufacturers face:

  • Unforeseen tariffs.
  • Border delays, seizures due to mislabeling, and embargos.
  • Sourcing delays due to supply chain disruptions.
  • Penalties due to association with embargoed regions/suppliers.
  • Data management inefficiencies.

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

Recent Enforcements

The Only Solution Built For Complex Manufacturing

The Depth You Need

Depth: Uncover the origin of parts, regions traveled, and applicable tariffs and trade agreements.

Effective Outreach: Gather data from suppliers, with Assent’s support in 11 languages.

Expert Resources: Get access to managed services, guidance, and thought leadership.

Data You Can Trust

Focus: We already work with many of your suppliers, which means data is readily available.

Depth: See deep to determine product contents and ensure you’re using the right customs codes.

Risk Scoring: Dashboards show risk statuses aligned with Global Reporting Initiative and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board frameworks.

The Future-Ready Platform

A Strong Data Foundation: Manage trade, product compliance, and ESG data in a single platform.

Proactive: Ready to respond to new tariffs, new trade agreements, new regulations, new suppliers, and new markets.

Scalable: Keeps pace as your company grows across business units and the extended enterprise.

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Why Assent

Why Choose Assent

See deeper, be smarter, and grow better with Assent. We have the only supply chain sustainability management solution created specifically for complex manufacturers and built on industry best practices. Our trade compliance solutions are just one part of this comprehensive platform.

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Get Trade Compliance Right

The Assent platform helps you ensure market access and business continuity, and drive cost efficiencies through deep and accurate product and part trade classification.

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See Deeper, Be Smarter, Grow Better

See why our supply chain sustainability platform is the number one choice for the world’s most sustainable complex manufacturers looking to simplify trade compliance.