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Medical Device Supply Chain Sustainability

Complex supply chains and complicated regulations mean medical device manufacturers need high-quality data and deep expertise to prove their products are safe and responsible. Assent’s solution is purpose-built for these manufacturers so they can see deeper, be smarter, and grow better.

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Go Deeper to Meet Your Requirements

For medical device manufacturers, compliance requires industry-specific knowledge of regulations and the ability to communicate large volumes of data deep into supply chains. This requires that manufacturers spend significant time and resources scoping products, contacting suppliers, and managing their data.

Is your company ready to meet its many requirements?

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Risks in the Medical Device Supply Chain

With industry-specific requirements — such as under the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) or Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) — medical device manufacturers have a number of regulations to meet in order to gain and maintain market access.

Designing parts proactively, with the help of accurate data from deep in the supply chain and industry-leading expertise, saves time and money and keeps manufacturers ahead of risks.

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

Recent Enforcements
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Meeting Customers’ Expectations

Medical device manufacturers typically sign lucrative contracts that assume lasting market access. Disruptions or outright loss of access can cause lasting financial and reputational harm. Additionally, class action lawsuits and recalls are an ever-present threat, requiring deep reporting to defend against.

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Case Study

Getting Proactive With Healthcare Supply Chain Risks: Terumo Medical

Terumo Medical, a manufacturer of medical products, pharmaceutical solutions, and medical systems, was using a manual approach to compliance that posed auditing risks. The company needed an automated solution that would mitigate those risks. With Assent, they built a proactive compliance program that allows them to easily identify non-responsive suppliers and take quick action.

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Medical Solution Capabilities

Access to Validated Data

By providing centralized access to supplier data and provable due diligence, Assent’s solution helps you win contracts with large companies and/or governments.

Advanced Data Management

With Assent, gain easy access to parts and supplier information from deep in your supply chain for better data-driven decision making.

Detailed Reporting

The Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Management Platform helps you deep-map supply chain risk and opportunities with detailed dashboards and reports.

Automated Supply Chain Communications

Automation keeps you connected with even the hardest to reach suppliers and allows you to quickly respond to customer inquiries. Get access to the data from deep in your supply chain and stay on top of potential changes or issues.

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Why Assent

The Assent Advantage

Assent does what no one else can. We’re the only platform built specifically for complex manufacturers. Our solution is built on best practices for medical devices and backed by experts in the field, so you can manage compliance data in a single platform across your company and prioritize high-risk suppliers for deeper screening or training.

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Grow Better With Assent’s Supply Chain Sustainability Platform

When you choose Assent’s platform, you’ll get data and reporting capabilities, information security, integrations, program management, and supplier support to help you meet your business and supply chain sustainability goals. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to supply chain sustainability management.

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