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Industrial Equipment Supply Chain Sustainability Management

Industrial equipment supply chains are in scope of a variety of regulations and ESG requirements. With decades-long product life cycles, manufacturers need to keep up with changing regulations to keep their products operating, or risk defaulting on customer contracts, losing market access, or getting fined.

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Being Proactive to Save Profits

Industrial equipment is complex, making regulatory changes difficult to navigate. With many requirements coming into force just six months after they’re announced, companies need a deep understanding of the process so they can get ahead of their risks.

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Managing Risk in the Industrial Equipment Supply Chain

Without access to data from deep in the supply chain — particularly around the service and maintenance of products, which often have long life cycles — manufacturers may have difficulty complying with global regulations, risking loss of contracts and market access.

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

Recent Enforcements
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The Impacts of Non-Compliance

Due to the service and maintenance requirements on industrial equipment, manufacturers must safeguard a product’s market access long after it first enters the market. Non-compliance could result in disruption, lawsuits from customers, loss of market access, and reputational damage.

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Case Study

Reducing Strain on Resources WIth Better Data: Plexus

Plexus, a contract electronics manufacturer selling into the U.S., EU, and Asian markets, is in scope of REACH, RoHS, and conflict minerals regulations. But the company was having difficulty managing these complex requirements. After working with Assent, Plexus has surveyed and supported more than 4,000 suppliers, established a robust compliance program, and reallocated valuable resources to other initiatives.

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Industrial Solution Capabilities

Advanced Data Management

With Assent, gain easy access to parts and supplier information from deep in your supply chain for better data-driven decision-making.

Detailed Reporting

Assent’s detailed dashboards and reports help you deep-map supply chain risks and opportunities.

Automated Supply Chain Communications

Automation helps you stay on top of potential changes or issues, so you can quickly respond to customer inquiries.

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Why Assent

The Assent Advantage

Assent does what no one else can. We’re the only compliance platform made specifically for complex manufacturers. Our solution is built on best practices for industrial equipment manufacturers, so you can manage compliance data in a single platform across the company, prioritize high-risk suppliers for deeper screening or training, and reduce supplier burnout through streamlined, scheduled data requests.

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Assent’s Complete Supply Chain Sustainability Solution

Assent provides industrial equipment companies with data and reporting capabilities, information security, integrations, program management, and supplier support. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to supply chain sustainability management.

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