Software Integrations: Supply Chain Sustainability Made Easy

Innovative software integrations for end-to-end product compliance and supply chain sustainability management.

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A screenshot representation of the Assent Platform

Connect Your Systems for Better Data Management

Tap into the power of automation using Assent’s cutting-edge integrations. You’ll get better data in less time, reduce the risks of human error, and centralize your product compliance data for deeper insights and ease of use.

A Complete Supply Chain Sustainability Ecosystem

Assent’s platform is designed to integrate with most enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) software. Our SAP integration and PTC Windchill integration deliver seamless two-way API communication with your existing systems, giving you supply chain insights down to the parts of parts level. When Assent is part of your compliance ecosystem, you gain significant efficiencies and cost savings.


Synchronize your business processes and data between SAP and Assent with a configurable integration that puts you in control.

PTC Windchill

Assent and PTC have partnered to create an PTC Windchill integration that offers a complete supply chain, product compliance, and life cycle management solution.


Connect your existing tools with Assent’s platform using standard API integrations and SFTP data imports. We can unify your supply chain tools and eliminate data silos. Get smarter with your data and improve your compliance and sustainability programs.

A screenshot representation of the Assent Platform

Enterprise-Wide Benefits

  • Increase transparency and sustainability data management.
  • Reduce costs by using product compliance data to inform the design phase.
  • Standardize nomenclature for products, parts, and substances across departments.
  • View compliance statuses rolled up to the product level.

Integrations Designed for Manufacturers

Secure Data Connections

Our internet communications are encrypted via HTTPS, SFTP, and TLS, and customer data is secured using standard database encryption.

Connect Your Ecosystem

Connect with a broad range of ERPs and PLMs. Assent connects with standard APIs over SFTP data imports, giving you flexibility and connectivity.

Supply Chain Data

Assent deep-maps the Manufacturing Genome, tracking parts of parts data down to the atomic level in many cases. With Assent’s integrations, you can efficiently import suppliers, parts, contacts, subassemblies, and products.

See Our Integrations in Action

Need a solution that connects with your existing systems? Let an Assent specialist show you how we fit together.

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