Supplier Code of Conduct: Grow Sustainably

Sustainability-focused complex manufacturers can use a code of conduct to align their suppliers with ESG principles and grow better.

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Getting Buy-In for Your Code of Conduct

A supplier code of conduct outlines the fundamental expectations for suppliers’ business conduct with respect to labor and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection, and laws and ethics. Setting expectations early and consistently is imperative to creating the cross-enterprise and cross-supply collaboration you need for sustainable esg reporting.

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Challenges With Supplier Codes of Conduct

It’s one thing to provide a code of conduct; it’s another to ensure suppliers deep in your supply chain agree to its terms. Low supplier engagement rates, disorganized supplier onboarding, and a failure to set expectations are all-too-common pitfalls for programs. Any one of them could result in brand damage, supply chain disruptions, and loss of clients or market access.

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

Recent Enforcements

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Case Study

Meeting ESG Goals Through Automation: C.C. Jensen

C.C. Jensen, an oil filtration and sensor technology company, needed help with data collection for their CSR/ESG programs. They were looking for an automated solution with analytics and reporting capabilities, as well as managed supplier outreach. Working with Assent, C.C. Jensen is now able to see deep in their supply chain to meet requirements and reporting deadlines.

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Supplier Code of Conduct Solution Capabilities

Risk Management

Grow better with a defensible due diligence program that proactively protects your brand reputation and boosts client retention.

Vendor Management

Build a strong foundation for supplier relationships with a code of conduct campaign you can manage all in one place.

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Why Assent

The Assent Advantage

Assent does what no one else can. We’re the only supply chain sustainability management solution built specifically for complex manufacturers, allowing you to manage compliance data in a single platform across your entire company. Built on industry best practices, our platform provides the missing foundation complex manufacturers need to grow sustainably.

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Assent’s solution provides manufacturers with data and reporting capabilities, information security, integrations, program management, and supplier support. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to supply chain sustainability management.

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