[eBook] Human Trafficking, Slavery & Your Supply Chain

What Is the Slavery & Trafficking Risk Template?

The Slavery and Trafficking Risk Template (STRT) is an industry standard survey used to collect human trafficking and slavery data from the supply chain. It helps companies meet modern environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets, and show year-over-year progress in their disclosures.

STRT 2.1 is the most recent version of the template, replacing version 2.0 in November, 2020. It is in Excel format, and consists of 24 questions designed to facilitate the collection of relevant data and supporting documentation, when applicable.

Download the Slavery & Trafficking Risk Template here.


What Is New in Version 2.1?

  • New indicators for emerging issues, such as forced labor in Xinjiang
  • Greater flexibility on country risk calculations
  • Support for additional laws, such as the Canada Customs Tariff Act
  • An enhanced question set for deeper evaluation of high-risk suppliers


The Social Responsibility Alliance & the STRT

The Social Responsibility Alliance (SRA) is an initiative focused on providing companies with the tools and resources they need to achieve socially responsible supply chains. The SRA works to facilitate the collection of human rights and labor rights data, helping companies and their supply chains to work towards more ethical operations. The STRT is a free, open-source tool provided by the SRA. The STRT was developed and is maintained by the STRT Development Committee. This committee is comprised of a consensus-based group of organizations focused on eradicating trafficking and slavery from supply chains. The Development Committee creates, updates and maintains versions of the STRT to ensure it meets the data collection needs of companies and supply chains across industry.


More Resources

The Social Responsibility Alliance website offers a variety of resources to help companies to complete and utilize the template. These resources can be accessed alongside news and other important updates. Assent Compliance can also aid in the completion, validation and use of the STRT through our Human Rights Solution.


Assent’s Human Rights Module

The Assent Compliance Human Rights Solution accepts the STRT 2.1 and collects, validates and manages human-rights related data to streamline the corporate social responsibility programs of companies all over the world. Highlights of the module include:

  • Data collection, validation and management at scale
  • Increased efficiency in supply chain communications
  • Demonstrable and auditable proof of due diligence
  • …and more!

Assent and the STRT 2.1 work together to improve your corporate social responsibility program