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Secure Compliance Using Full Material Declarations

An FMD provides full transparency into the substances that make up a product. These disclosures show product composition, including substance concentration, and whether they exceed regulatory thresholds. But this data is often difficult to collect from suppliers due to language barriers, incorrect or outdated contact information, and/or inconsistent parts numbers.


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Grow Better With Full Material Declarations

Repeated supply chain queries to update material declarations as restricted or declarable substance lists change requires internal resources to dedicate their time to data collection rather than the jobs they were hired to do. With FMDs, identifying if a product contains a restricted substance takes minutes instead of hundreds of hours.

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

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Case Study

An Easier Way: Terumo Medical

Terumo Medical, a manufacturer of medical products, pharmaceutical solutions, and minimally invasive medical systems and services, has requirements under REACH, Proposition 65, and conflict minerals regulations. However, the company’s manual approach to compliance presented auditing risks. After working with Assent, they’ve built a proactive compliance program that mitigates risks that were once hidden in their supply chain.

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Our Full Material Declaration Solution Capabilities

Advanced Data Management

Map suppliers to the parts, components, and products they provide, and integrate FMD data into an intuitive, hierarchical roll-up to manage declarable substance lists.

Supply Chain Outreach

Automate data collection and queries to suppliers with training and support in local languages.

Detailed Reporting

Stay on top of the latest substance additions to the Prop 65 list without breaking a sweat. Assent’s Proposition 65 solution automatically collects data on new substances as they come into scope.

Access to Validated Data

One-click substance reporting provides the full substance breakdown of any product, and dashboards and reports help identify high-risk articles.

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Assent does what no one else can. We’re the only supply chain sustainability management solution built specifically for complex manufacturers. We offer a turnkey service that can handle complete bills of materials (BOMs) and trigger additional data collection when parts are updated. And we make it easy by helping you manage compliance data in a single platform — built on industry best practices — across your company.

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Assent’s Complete FMD Solution

Assent’s platform provides manufacturers with data and reporting capabilities, information security, software integrations, program management, and supplier support. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to supply chain sustainability management.

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