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The Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Platform: See Deeper, Be Smarter, Grow Better.

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An All-In-One Supply Chain Solution

The Only Platform of Its Kind

The Assent platform is the only solution that combines software and expert services to enable deep visibility into supply chains for product compliance, trade compliance, and ESG. It’s purpose-built for the needs of complex manufacturers to proactively avoid disruptions and protect market access. Assent streamlines compliance and helps create efficiencies in program management, helping manufacturers reach deep sustainability.

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Built for the Demands of Complex Manufacturers


    Environmental, Social and Governance

    Because supply chains were never built with sustainability in mind, our solution goes deeper than suppliers to their products, and even substances within parts, to illuminate and document your sustainable supply chain. We provide an ESG foundation that guides your sustainability program to meet investor and customer expectations.

    • Responsible minerals, including tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold, cobalt, and mica
    • Anti-Bribery Anti Corruption due diligence
    • Human rights, slavery, and trafficking due diligence
    • ESG risk monitoring for supply chain sustainability
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    Product Compliance

    Product and supply chain data is at the heart of everything you do. Assent is the product compliance expert, deep-mapping all the data you need to comply with international product regulations that keep your customers and the environment safe, all while maintaining your competitive edge.

    • REACH Regulation
    • RoHS Directive
    • Proposition 65
    • Toxic Substances Control Act
    • SCIP and Waste Framework Directive
    • Full material disclosures
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    Trade Compliance

    Assent gives you the supply chain transparency to maximize your market reach and profit margins — including data to make smarter decisions about tariffs and trade agreements, navigate the changing sanctions landscape, and track product naming and customs codes. Because you can’t grow where you can’t go.

    • Trade Classification & Origin (TCO)
    • Trade agreements
    • HS and HTS Codes
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    SaaS Platform

    Built to serve the world’s largest and most complex global manufacturing supply chains, down to the parts of parts level. Continual updates help you navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

    • Secure, low-friction Supplier Portal to improve supplier engagement
    • Assent integrates with your ERP or PLM system
    • Multi-language, 24/7 support
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    Service Offerings

    Assent is more than software alone — we provide supplier engagement, advisory services, and managed programs to give you a total package platform solution. Our team of over 800 problem solvers is ready to partner with you.

    • Supplier engagement: we work with your suppliers to collect and validate data, and educate them about mission critical needs
    • Advisory services: our experts help develop strategies and plans for meeting your program’s goals
    • Managed programs: reduce internal costs, mitigate risks, and easily scale
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    Regulatory Expertise

    With over 200 years of combined expertise in regulations, ESG, and compliance, our in-house experts help you take a proactive approach to sustainability by providing guidance and monitoring ever-evolving global regulations.

    • Our team of experts keeps Assent’s solution up to date with the latest regulatory changes
    • Assent experts sit on industry committees, helping shape the future of supply chain sustainability
    • Our experts have helped the world’s biggest companies achieve their sustainability goals
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    The Assent Sustainability Network

    We continuously deep-map your suppliers, products, parts, and supply chain connections, giving you deeper visibility and business intelligence through the Assent Sustainability Network.

    • Tap into our massive database of products, parts, suppliers, and sourcing data
    • The world’s largest and continuously growing map of the manufacturing genome
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Purpose Built for Complex Manufacturers

Assent elevates your supply chain due diligence through unmatched software, expert guidance, support and services, and defensible data powered by the Sustainability Network. Our platform helps you bring responsible products to the world and achieve sustainability goals you never thought possible.

Unmatched Depth

Visibility beyond the first tier of suppliers is critical to protecting your business from supply chain risk. Assent provides the transparency you need to quickly make decisions with confidence and grow your business despite supply chain disruptions.

Expertise & Guidance

Our team of in-house experts has unmatched insight into the regulatory landscape. Their knowledge and experience are built into every aspect of Assent, including our software and services and the ongoing education we provide to customers and suppliers at any time and at no additional cost. 

Assent Sustainability Network

With over 86 million pieces of product compliance and sustainability data, Assent has compiled the largest database of supplier data, parts, BOMs, and substances for the complex manufacturing ecosystem, and we are adding to it all the time.

Defensible Data

You need a solid foundation of reliable supply chain data to protect your market access and avoid disruptions and delays that impact your ability to reach customers. With full access to manage and mitigate your supply chain risk from a single vendor, Assent helps you get there.

Turn-Key Platform & Partnership

Assent simplifies even the most complex manufacturing supply chains by providing the key elements you need to manage successful compliance and sustainability programs: software, support and services, and regulatory expertise.

Trusted by Manufacturers

Assent is trusted by the world’s largest manufacturers to handle the complexities of their supply chains at scale. We’ve worked with customers, regulatory experts, and industry groups for over a decade to evolve and refine our platform to meet their needs.

Streamlined Engagement

Suppliers are key partners to your sustainability success. Assent’s unique approach prioritizes supplier engagement and optimizes the data collection process to minimize fatigue. We also offer multilingual education and support when your suppliers need it most.

Connected Data

Assent’s platform unifies data across teams and business units, capturing and sharing information with all relevant stakeholders to help you make critical business decisions. Resources formerly dedicated to connecting disjointed data can be reallocated to projects that drive business growth.

“We estimated that with staffing, data management costs, training, benefits, resources, tools, validation supplier follow-ups and regulatory updates … we would go over budget quickly. We needed Assent.”
Maria Simpson
Purchasing Manager, Kaba Ilco Corp.

One Platform, Endless Potential

Product Compliance

Loss of market access impacts complex manufacturers differently than other industries. Assent’s platform is built to address the specific needs and risks that your business faces, so your market access is never on the line.

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Environmental, Social, Governance

Attract investors and strengthen your brand through a continuously evolving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program that focuses on what matters most to your company.

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Trade Compliance

Trade compliance regulations are constantly changing. Stay ahead of the curve and reliably manage your parts and products with easily-accessible insight into your country of origin data.

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