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Assent Platform Pricing

Assent helps you get more value from your supply chain processes by making your compliance and ESG management tasks more cost-effective and simpler. Discover how we customize a quote to best fit your complex needs. Learn how Assent can pay for itself in just six months.

A Complete Solution Built Specifically for You

Supply chains are complex, but finding the right solution at the right price isn’t. By listening to your business needs and understanding your supply chain, we tailor our solution to your goals. 

Together, we’ll discuss:

  • How many suppliers you have
  • How many regulations and risk factors you need to monitor
  • How much program support you need

What You Get

Assent offers solutions for your entire supply chain sustainability management workflow, featuring a powerful platform and unmatched support and service options to get deeper visibility into your supply chain to reduce your exposure to risk and disruption.

The Assent Platform

The industry’s leading supply chain sustainability platform, including:

  • Product compliance
  • ESG reporting
  • Trade compliance
  • Conflict minerals
  • Dashboards and reports reflecting up-to-date regulatory requirements
Expert Support & Implementation
  • Access to 20+ experts in supply chain sustainability and compliance
  • Turn-key implementation
  • 24/7, multilingual technical support
  • Assent University regulatory resources and training
Managed Services
  • Hands-on expert advice and program management
  • Enhanced Supplier Screening
  • On-call advisory services
The Assent Sustainability Network

The largest database of complex manufacturing data, including:

  • supplier contacts
  • parts data
  • sustainability information

The majority of your supply chain may already be mapped in our database.

Supplier Engagement
  • Unlike other solutions, suppliers are never charged a fee to provide data
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Supplier education on regulations and requirements
  • Corrective action recommendations to improve sustainability performance
  • Supplier Portal

Is Assent Right for You?

What types of companies use Assent?

Companies with complex global supply chains that need deeper visibility into the safety, sustainability, and compliance status of their products and suppliers. Most of our customers are manufacturers or distributors in electronics, medical devices, industrial equipment, automotive, and aerospace and defense, though we do serve other industries with similar needs.

Is Assent only for large businesses?

Not at all. Assent solutions are best suited for businesses with more complex supply chains — more than just two or three suppliers or parts. 

Even small and medium businesses use Assent to streamline their supply chain sustainability management processes to reduce overhead and stay ahead of regulatory changes.

What are some popular use cases for Assent?

  • Ensuring parts coming from suppliers comply with global regulations and requirements.
  • Onboarding and educating new suppliers to drive continuous improvement.
  • Evaluating sustainability and compliance risks in your supply chain.
  • Tracking supply chain performance data from suppliers.
  • Improving and automating supply chain processes

How does Assent help save money?

Assent’s platform streamlines supply chain sustainability program management, helping companies increase efficiency and reduce risk. A recent study showed that Assent provided an ROI of over 300% by reducing supplier engagement and onboarding costs and lowering the risks and costs of non-compliance.

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