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Running a Program Is Demanding

Running a compliance program takes a lot of resources, and it’s not getting any easier. Automating and outsourcing where possible allows you to focus on more strategic initiatives. Outsourcing can be risky, however. You need a partner like Assent that has depth and experience needed to help you be smarter and grow better.

Our Customers

Assent has helped hundreds of companies. We’re proud to work with the following organizations.

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Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

Today’s complex manufacturing supply chains weren’t built with sustainability in mind, and they certainly weren’t designed to make it easy for compliance teams to do their jobs. Stretched teams only scratch the surface of what’s necessary to see risks hidden deep in the supply chain.

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Retraining Costs

Onboarding new personnel is expensive, time-consuming, and if not done correctly, embeds risk at the root of your compliance program. Manufacturers need experienced personnel they can trust.

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Go Deeper With Assent’s Services

Assent’s services team digs deep so your team doesn’t have to. We go deep into your supply chain to get to the meaningful data. Our services team finds hidden risks, streamlines compliance for you and your suppliers, improves data quality, and handles unforeseen issues as they arise.

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Case Study

Case Study: Escatec

What happened when Escatec turned to Assent for their compliance programs? They saw a 50 percent reduction in completion time, improved data accuracy, and needed fewer resources to meet customer needs.

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What We Do

Turnkey Support

Set it and forget it. We’ll manage your program and only tap you when items need your attention. It’s the most efficient way to manage compliance when you have too much on your list.

Focused Support, When You Need It

Our regulatory experts and program managers have seen it all, and they know your programs. Outside consultants will cost a fortune and take too long to get up to speed.

Speak Your Suppliers’ Language

We engage, educate, and train in your suppliers’ native language. When your global suppliers know what they need to do, they do it better and faster, giving you better data.

Deep Expertise

With on-call advisory services, frequent regulatory update webinars, and proactive notice of incoming requirements, our 200 years of expertise is here for you.

Proactive Changes

Regulations are always changing, and manual programs can’t keep up. Our platform updates automatically and our professional services team will let you know what any changes mean for you.

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Why Assent

Assent Is Here for You

We know compliance and sustainability better than anyone, but we’re more than that.

  • We share our knowledge to focus programs for more material results.
  • We educate your suppliers to streamline processes and improve data quality.
  • We manage your programs, so you can work on the big picture.

We deliver real depth and sustainable growth.

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Assent offers a complete supply chain sustainability management solution from product compliance to ESG. But don’t take our word for it, speak with an expert!

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