What’s Included in This Case Study?

This case study delves into Ryerson’s partnership with Assent to establish a proactive compliance culture. It highlights how Ryerson transformed its compliance processes and integrated Assent’s leading supply chain sustainability platform to meet evolving global regulations and customer demands.

Key Features Include:

  • Ryerson’s journey from decentralized compliance to a unified strategy
  • Assent’s pivotal role in enhancing Ryerson’s supply chain sustainability
  • Significant achievements in Ryerson’s conflict minerals, REACH, RoHS, Proposition 65, and PFAS Identification programs with Assent
  • Future growth prospects with Assent’s ongoing support in compliance and sustainability management

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Customer Story

How Ryerson Transformed Compliance With Assent

With Assent’s leading platform and expertise, Ryerson streamlined its supplier outreach, handling 4,900 customer requests efficiently. This collaboration not only simplified their processes but also resulted in substantial cost savings equivalent to the salaries of 20 full-time employees.

Watch the video to see the real-world impact of Ryerson’s partnership with Assent, and read the case study for a comprehensive account of their progress and success.