[Held live on Oct 12th, 2023]
The U.S. federal government has released its long-awaited final rule for TSCA Section 8(a)(7) on PFAS reporting. This means manufacturers now need to worry about new reporting requirements and engaging their supply chain for TSCA PFAS data.

Join Assent experts for our webinar, Unpacking the Recent Announcement on Federal PFAS Requirements Under TSCA. They’ll discuss what this news means for manufacturers, and how to proactively prepare for changes to your requirements.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to identify substances in your supply chain that fit the EPA’s TSCA PFAS definition, which includes roughly 1,462 substances
  • How the new rule compares to the 2021 proposed rule
  • Insights on reporting requirements and how you can meet these demands through proactive compliance


  • Neil Smith — Regulatory & Sustainability Expert, Product Sustainability at Assent
  • Dr. Bruce Jarnot — Regulatory & Sustainability Expert, Product Sustainability, at Assent
  • Cally Edgren — Senior Director, Sustainability at Assent