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The #1 Hidden Risk For Complex Manufacturers

Compliance with regional laws is key to maintaining market access and protecting your company’s revenue and reputation. But regulations constantly evolve and keeping up with substance lists and requirements drains resources — resources many companies need elsewhere.

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The Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Platform

Assent’s platform gives manufacturers deep visibility into their supply chains. It supports the collection, management, and analysis of data for a variety of product compliance requirements — including REACH, RoHS, TSCA, and more. Find out how.

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Our Product Compliance Solution Built For Complex Manufacturers

The Depth Complex Manufacturers Demand

A Complex Manufacturing-Centric Approach: Handle large amounts of data across business silos.

A Smarter Supply Network: Make better decisions with data gathered using effective supplier engagement in 11 languages.

Robust Support: Get ongoing assistance with supplier outreach, data collection, training, support, and more.

Expertise & Resources: A full range of managed services, guidance, and thought leadership materials to support your program.

Data You Can Trust

Assent Sustainability Network: We already work with many of your suppliers, meaning product compliance data is readily available.

Deep-Mapping: We give you deep visibility into your supply chain so you can better understand what goes into your product and map it against global regulatory requirements.

Automated & Streamlined: Minimize supplier fatigue and duplicated efforts.

Risk Scoring: Dashboards identify high-risk parts and suppliers.

A Single, Future-Proof Platform

A Strong Data Foundation: Organize parts data in one central database.

Proactive: Ready to respond to new regulations, suppliers, products, and markets.

Scalable: Keeps pace as your company grows.

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Why Assent

The Assent Advantage

See deeper, be smarter, and grow better with Assent. We have the only supply chain sustainability management platform built specifically for complex manufacturers. When product compliance requirements change, our software triggers the need for additional data collection, and our managed services include support and outreach in local languages and time zones.

Why Assent

Get Product Compliance Right

Look deeper into your supply chain. The Assent platform goes beyond “check-box compliance” so you can exceed your regulatory requirements, right down to parts of parts and suppliers of suppliers.

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See Deeper, Be Smarter, Grow Better

See why our supply chain sustainability platform is the number one choice for the world’s most sustainable complex manufacturers looking to solve product compliance.