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Responsible Minerals
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EU Conflict Minerals Regulation: Scoping Guide

Is your company in scope of the EU Conflict Mineral Regulation? Find out in …

Corporate social reposibility, Responsible Minerals
Responsible mineral sourcing: evaluating the environmental impact of supplier mines.
Six Steps to Structuring a Responsible Minerals Program

Reports of human rights violations associated with the mining of minerals b …

Conflict Minerals, Responsible Minerals
Case Study
Terumo: Adding Deep Expertise to Your Team

Terumo Medical is a leading manufacturer of products used in the medical an …

Full Material Disclosures, Proposition 65, REACH, Responsible Minerals
Case Study
C.C. JENSEN Streamlines Responsible Minerals Due Diligence

CC Jensen is a global manufacturer with clients demanding defensible confli …

ESG, Responsible Minerals
Case Study
ASM: Building a World-Class Responsible Minerals Program

ASM is a world-class semiconductor supplier with an ambitious responsible m …

Conflict Minerals, ESG, Responsible Minerals
Case Study
Ashcroft Inc. Gains Significant Savings & Growth Through Automation

Ashcroft is the world leader in instrumentation for industrial manufacturer …

ESG, REACH, Responsible Minerals, RoHS
Case Study
GE Appliances

GE Appliances aimed to set a higher standard for responsible minerals compl …

Conflict Minerals, ESG, Responsible Minerals
Knowledge Article
What Is Cobalt?

Cobalt is a mineral that is generally produced as a byproduct of mining oth …

Responsible Minerals
Responsible Mineral Sourcing: With Contributions From the Former Senior Advisor on Conflict Minerals to the U.S. Department of State

Pamela Fierst-Walsh, Former Senior Advisor on Conflict Minerals with the U. …

Responsible Minerals
Cobalt: Responsible Sourcing in Your Supply Chain

Cobalt has become a mineral of concern for non-governmental organizations, …

ESG, Responsible Minerals
A screenshot representation of the Assent Platform
Responsible Minerals — Conflict Minerals Solution

This overview provides a description of the Assent Compliance Platform’s …

Responsible Minerals
Responsible Mineral Reporting in 2020 & Beyond

This guide offers insight into the future of conflict mineral reporting, in …

Conflict Minerals, Responsible Minerals
Knowledge Article
Responsible Mineral Sourcing

Responsible mineral sourcing is the practice of procuring raw minerals in a …

Conflict Minerals, Responsible Minerals