The Only ESG Solution Made for Complex Manufacturers

Designed for complex manufacturers, Assent is the only solution designed with the depth of supply chain expertise to give you actionable insights and ESG reporting.

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Sustainability & ESG Reporting

In today’s regulatory landscape, companies with strong sustainability and ESG and sustainability programs are better positioned to attract investment and revenue dollars, making sustainability reporting on operations and supply chains increasingly critical.

Sustainability requires companies to limit actions that result in negative social or environmental impacts, while ESG takes a broader view to consider issues like stakeholder diversity, treatment of workers, community engagement, and health and safety.

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No More Surprises in Your Supply Chain

Performance in sustainability and ESG is essential to protecting market access, reducing reputational risk, and meeting customer and investor requirements, but the depth and breadth of the data needed can make getting started overwhelming. To further complicate matters, most suppliers are not educated on ESG and sustainability, and may have trouble providing the information you need.

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The Risks of Falling Short of Your ESG Goals

End-to-end visibility of your entire supply chain is essential to meeting your sustainability and ESG goals, but it’s difficult and time-consuming to collect data from suppliers — especially from the suppliers of your suppliers. But without provable due diligence, you could suffer from the loss of investors or contracts, as well as brand damage.

Companies that map and monitor suppliers, products, parts, and practices are better positioned to attract investors and consumers and avoid these pitfalls, protecting their brand image and mitigating potential liabilities.

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The Assent ESG Advantage

Assent’s ESG solution is the only platform built specifically to give complex manufacturers the deep supply chain visibility and missing foundation they need for sustainable growth. Supply chains were never built with sustainability in mind, but Assent’s solution gives you the supply chain transparency to make it possible:

  • Unparallelled depth of expertise, with over 200 years of combined supply chain and ESG leadership.
  • Our unique combination of direct engagement and indirect supplier monitoring reveals what’s hidden, validates what’s good, and eliminates surprises.
  • Assent is designed to grow with you as your ESG program evolves. We support your sustainability journey at every stage, from the first steps to deep supply chain sustainability.

Make the journey from impossible to sustainable by building your ESG foundation with Assent.

Grow Better With Assent’s ESG Solution

Gather Defensible ESG Supply Chain Data

Our ESG solution facilitates supply chain data collection and management, ensuring accurate reporting and due diligence when filing GRI disclosures.

Visualize Supply Chain Risk

Our platform allows companies to manage supplier data — beyond surface-level disclosures — in one centralized location, providing enhanced dynamic reporting and data analysis functionality for increased supply chain transparency.

Machine Learning Validation

Validated using machine learning and the latest direct and indirect validation methodologies, Assent’s ESG solution goes beyond defensible ESG reporting to help you shrink regulatory and revenue risk, and grow with confidence.

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Why Assent

The Assent Advantage

Assent’s ESG solution is built specifically for complex manufacturers using a 360-degree approach with indirect monitoring. Informed by industry standards and deep expertise, our solution will help you reveal what’s hidden, validate what’s good, and help eliminate surprises.

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With the Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Platform, any user in your company can manage supplier data from one dashboard, transforming how you go to market by creating efficiencies while mitigating risk. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to supply chain sustainability management.

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