Good conflict mineral compliance programs start with strong relationships between companies and their suppliers. And what’s the best way to keep your suppliers happy? Make their job easy.

Today we launched our free Conflict Minerals Supplier Portal Crash Course, designed specifically to do exactly that. We’ve taken the mystery out of 3TG compliance regulations and given your suppliers all the tools they need to accurately and, more importantly, easily complete the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT). The conflict mineral training course also provides an inside look into how effortlessly suppliers can file a CMRT using Assent’s Supplier Portal.

Reporting for conflict minerals can be daunting, even for suppliers experienced with the process. When you get them on board your compliance program, this course, located in our Supplier Support Center, should be their first stop. There they’ll find a CMRT example, a comprehensive CMRT training guide and a section on frequently asked questions.

By the time your suppliers have finished the conflict mineral training course – which takes less than an hour to complete – they will have a strong understanding of 3TG compliance regulations, why the rules are in place, and exactly what you need them to report. Best of all, it walks them through filling out and submitting the CMRT using Assent’s software.

Why Does This Matter to You?

Education creates buy-in.

If your suppliers understand 3TG compliance and why you’re asking for specific data, you’ll find them much more cooperative than if your requests come out of the blue. Companies are under a lot of pressure to accurately report conflict minerals in their supply chains. Suppliers need to embrace their role in this new landscape but before they can do that, they first need to understand it.

Education creates efficiency.

Companies are required to collect mass volumes of data on their supply chains, which is why the Assent software solution is so vital. Its automated processes takes what would normally be monumental tasks and makes them easily manageable. However, suppliers still must submit the data, and it must be the right kind of data. Failing to do so means re-submitting forms and repeating tasks, which leads to frustration and pushback. Most incorrect forms are the result of a misunderstanding of reporting requirements. In less than an hour, the Assent Supplier Portal: Conflict Minerals Crash Course will eliminate the majority of these errors simply through education.

Education creates a win-win scenario.

The key to a strong business relationship is knowing it matters to both parties. Taking the time to help your supplier improve their understanding of compliance requirements – in this case, by simply pointing them to the Assent Supplier Portal: Conflict Minerals Crash Course – shows them you care about their success. It might sound like a small step but their success is your success. They will see the payoff in their ability to quickly, efficiently and easily file their CMRTs, and you will benefit from a supplier your compliance program can depend on.

What Else is New?

Conflict mineral compliance has become a global initiative. We realize your suppliers are located internationally. In an effort to make our educational materials accessible to as many suppliers as possible, the Assent Supplier Success Center will be offering multilingual education materials. These materials will be available in French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin/simplified Chinese, beginning this week.

You can find the Assent Supplier Portal: Conflict Minerals Crash Course in our Supplier Support Center. For more information, reach out to our team today.

Matthew Desrosiers
Director, Content Marketing & Communications

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