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Assent Evolve is the premier annual supply chain sustainability conference that gives manufacturers the insights they’ll need to protect their market access and compliance over the coming year. Attendees dove into hot topics like per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), conflict minerals, and mandatory sustainability disclosures. The event featured iconic keynote speakers and industry experts, including game-changers who helped shape the future of regulatory compliance. 

If you couldn’t attend the live event on June 14 and 15, we have good news — up until September 15 you can watch the recorded sessions and certain keynotes on demand. If you’re ready to jump right in, you can access the sessions here. Still need more convincing? Read on to learn more about some of the topics attendees experienced, and why you should sign up for complimentary access.

PFAS: You Have Questions, Evolve Has Answers

PFAS regulations are on the rise, and manufacturers are looking for solutions to protect themselves from lawsuits, loss of market access, costly product redesigns, and more. Evolve 2023 addressed PFAS from multiple angles, giving supply chain professionals insights from our team of regulatory experts to help them address risk. Highlights included a Q&A session with Assent’s product compliance experts, as well as an exciting innovation announcement.

If you’re not sure if you have PFAS in your supply chain, or you’re unsure what to do next, Evolve On-Demand has you covered with a number of impactful sessions that will prepare you for emerging PFAS requirements.

Must-see on-demand PFAS sessions:

  • Overcoming PFAS Risks: How to Manage Your Requirements
  • Securing Your Market Access: Staying Ahead of Global Regulatory Trends
  • Getting Ahead in a Disrupted World: Expert Insights to Protect Your Market Access

Blockbuster Keynote Speakers

One of the biggest wow factors at Evolve ‘23 was our keynote speakers, many of whom were profiled in award-winning films. You can watch the incredible sessions on demand for a limited time:

  • Watch Erin Brockovich 
  • Watch Robert Bilott until July 29, 2023
  • Watch Chris Gardner until June 26, 2023
  • Watch Dr. André Kuipers until June 29, 2023


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Erin Brockovich, the woman who inspired the namesake movie about her legal battle against groundwater contamination, shared how manufacturers can make a difference in their communities through perseverance and what she calls “stick-to-itiveness.” 

We were also joined by Robert Bilott, the lawyer who has secured over $1 billion USD in compensation for communities harmed by perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and forever chemicals resulting from manufacturing activities. His story was captured in the film Dark Waters, and he’s been awarded an international Right Livelihood Award, also known as an alternative Nobel Prize, for his work involving PFAS. In his keynote, Bilott outlined the urgent legal and reputational risks associated with having PFAS in supply chains, and why manufacturers should take immediate action to start identifying where they are using PFAS. 

Assent’s Chief People Officer, Keira Torkko, had a fireside chat with Chris Gardner — the business mogul and inspiration behind the film The Pursuit of Happyness — to discuss the importance of manufacturers learning to adjust, adapt, and embrace change to keep ahead of market forces and the competition. 

During our European-focused day, we heard from Dr. André Kuipers, an international sustainability advocate and the first Dutchman with two space missions to his name. He shared how vital it is for manufacturers, industry groups, and communities to work together to ensure we’re thinking and acting sustainably.

Digging Into Conflict Minerals

At Evolve, we premiered a new mini-documentary series digging deeper into cobalt supply chains, The Congo: Cobalt & Your Supply Chain Risks. Our responsible sourcing expert, Jamie Wallisch, traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to interview leaders working alongside local communities to make the industry more sustainable, and capture rare footage from within artisanal cobalt mines. You can watch the three-part series online, as well as read blogs from Jamie here

Cobalt is in nearly every electronic device we rely on daily, and yet mineral supply chains are full of risks and human rights issues. As a result, requirements concerning cobalt and other responsible minerals are constantly changing, and it takes a standardized, consistent methodology to get the required data on mines and smelters. To further complicate compliance, the shift to responsible sourcing has added an additional layer of sustainability data to mineral reporting, pushing manufacturers to track environmental and human rights-related metrics. 

To evolve your responsible minerals program, check out these sessions on human rights in supply chains:

  • Beyond Conflict Minerals: How Mining Impacts Local Communities
  • The State of Sustainability: Corsair Gaming Inc’s Innovative ESG Program
  • Thrive in Turbulence: Securing Your Market Access Amidst Uncertainty


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Evolve On-Demand delivers expert insights on the top compliance obstacles for the coming year, in short 30-minute segments. You can watch sessions at your own pace, and focus on the topics that matter most to your business. It’s the best way to stay informed and proactive about your risks, and on-demand access is complimentary until September 15, 2023

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