Assent’s Solution enables manufacturers to meet imminent EPA “forever chemicals” reporting requirements and mitigate business continuity risk through supply chain engagement 

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, June 14th, 2023 Assent Inc. (Assent), a leading solutions provider in supply chain sustainability management, is helping manufacturers gain visibility into per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in their supply chain in a time of significant regulatory change and unprecedented supply chain and market access risk. Today’s launch of Assent’s new solution at the company’s annual Evolve conference will empower manufacturers with a technology-enabled roadmap for managing PFAS compliance risk

Manufacturers can immediately leverage the Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Platform to collect PFAS data insights from supplier networks and take corrective action to reduce or eliminate regulated PFAS from within parts, products or processes. Assent’s regulatory experts monitor substances and regulations to create up-to-date risk mitigation programs to comply as required by law while staying ahead of constantly evolving global PFAS liability risks. 

This launch comes at a critical time for manufacturers as they prepare for the EPA’s proposed reporting and recordkeeping requirements for PFAS under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), expected to be finalized in 2023. Manufacturers are facing supply disruption and liability risks, and need a solution to avoid fines and litigation, protect market access, and address product obsolescence issues.

“The concerns and pressures around PFAS are real. There has been a shift from looking at things through the lens of compliance, to going beyond that with a proactive risk management strategy,” said Bill Pennington, Vice President of Research, EHS & Risk Management at Verdantix. “Organizations will need to embrace technologies in the market to navigate this new world, and ensure they are resilient to the risks associated with PFAS.”

PFAS are a large family of synthetic compounds commonly used in products and manufacturing processes, desired for the ability to provide water resistance or electrical insulation – characteristics which also prevent the chemicals from breaking down over time. With broad and expansive use since the 1940’s, 97% of Americans now test positive for PFAS in their bodies. Due to an association with serious health risks, governments in the U.S., EU, and around the world are implementing a greater number of controls and restrictions on these chemicals.

The U.S. EPA has an extensive roadmap to address the use of PFAS nationwide, leveraging numerous regulatory instruments such as CERCLA and the Safe Drinking Water Act. One significant new requirement is listed under TSCA Section 8(a)(7) . Proposed in June 2021 with the final rule expected in this year, this regulation will obligate companies to report on nearly 1,400 PFAS chemicals, due 12 months after the final rule is published. 

PFAS regulations are driving an unparalleled risk for companies. Today, we announced a solution enabling manufacturers to immediately engage with their suppliers and address PFAS chemicals in their products — all the way down the part level,” said Andrew Waitman, Assent CEO.
“The complexity and urgency in the regulatory environment will only increase, and that’s why manufacturers need to act now. Assent will be in lockstep with the urgency of the market so we can deliver the transparency and accountability our customers demand from their supply chains.”

The new solution allows manufacturers to gather extensive supplier data on PFAS substances present in parts and products and align this data with TSCA requirements and other state regulations, including detailed reporting by supplier, content, and regulation. 

“Portage Electric Products Inc. (PEPI®) strives to achieve deep sustainability throughout our supply chains and ensure our customers have access to compliance data to reduce operational and product risk. We are committed to ongoing due diligence in our activities, upholding the highest standard of transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements in our operations,” said Assent solution client Ted Monty, Vice President, BSO, Product Engineering and Regulatory Product Compliance at Portage Electric Products. “It is imperative for our company, our supply chain, and our customers to be aware that PFAS are currently in our environment. We recognize the importance of not adding to current levels, and working together with current product compliance regulations to eliminate future concerns, and ensure environments remain sustainable for many generations to come.”

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