Proactively Manage Sanctions on Steel

Protect your global market access by verifying the origin of your steel with Assent, avoiding fines and costly delays at customs.

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Protect Your EU Market Access

Adapt to recently imposed sanctions on steel and steel-related products by verifying the origins of your steel against restricted sources. Assent’s solution identifies high-risk producers, ensuring your supply chain complies with the latest international trade laws and provides thorough due diligence documentation to prevent stoppages at the border.


Sanctions You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Growing global requirements on steel imports aim to prevent materials sourced from restricted regions, notably those connected to Russian entities, from entering key markets. Failure to provide evidence of due diligence could result in businesses experiencing:

  • Market Access Barriers: Without verifiable sourcing information and due diligence documentation, companies risk losing access to markets around the globe
  • Customs Delays and Fines: Goods held at customs due to non-compliance can lead to significant operational delays and financial penalties, impacting the bottom line
  • Reputation Risk: Association with sanctioned sources can harm a brand’s reputation, leading to long-term business consequences
  • Operational Disruptions: Addressing compliance issues diverts resources and focus from core business activities, affecting efficiency and productivity

Learn more about recent enforcement actions that demonstrate why proactive compliance is a business must.

Recent Enforcements
Case Study

Detlev Louis: The Road to Proactive Compliance

Detlev Louis, a leader in motorcycle apparel and accessories in Europe, partnered with Assent to enhance their supply chain transparency and adapt to future regulatory challenges. Through our REACH, POPs, and ESG solutions, Detlev Louis not only safeguarded its business continuity but also reinforced its commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.

Through Assent’s platform, Detlev Louis achieved a comprehensive understanding of its supply chain, ensuring readiness for evolving regulations. The case study explores their journey to proactive compliance, highlighting the strategic steps taken to integrate sustainability into their core business operations, and the pivotal role Assent played in their successful transformation.

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Our Steel Material Sourcing Solution Capabilities

Data Centralization

Our solution centralizes steel material data and documentation in a single place, simplifying management and access. This ensures you can easily navigate and utilize your supply chain information for better decision-making and compliance with global regulations.

Supplier Verification

We identify steel producers and refiners, checking for connections to high-risk regions. Through detailed corporate registry checks, we verify beneficial ownership and location, enabling you to confidently assert the compliance of your steel sources.

Education & Alignment

Assent provides education programs on compliance requirements, ensuring your suppliers understand and meet documentation expectations. This collaborative approach streamlines the due diligence process and aligns your supply chain with global compliance standards.

Risk Management

Through meticulous record-keeping and data accuracy, our solution offers peace of mind. Manage and mitigate risks associated with high-risk producers or refiners, protecting your brand and ensuring continued market access.

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Why Assent

The Assent Advantage

Assent’s Steel Material Sourcing solution offers a targeted approach to navigating EU import regulations, ensuring your supply chain is free from restricted sources. Our platform’s survey process mirrors the transparency efforts used for conflict minerals, enabling us to identify and investigate steel producers for any links to Russian ownership or locations. This process not only flags potential risks but also provides actionable insights for material or sourcing adjustments.

We equip you with a concise overview of your due diligence efforts, ready to be shared with customs or customers. With Assent, you gain the confidence to navigate the complexities of international trade laws, ensuring seamless market access and safeguarding your brand’s reputation.

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Assent’s Complete Steel Material Sourcing Solution

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