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A Dinner Date with the Ageless Wonders of Chemistry: Navigating the World of PFAS

“Join Us for an Unforgettable Evening with Cally Edgren and Team: Where Science Meets Sustenance!”

April 24 | Gibsons | 5:30-8:30 PM CDT

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Feast on Knowledge (and Fantastic Food!)

Ever heard of a guest at your dinner table that stays forever? Meet PFAS, the “Forever Chemicals” that are almost as enduring as your grandma’s fruitcake but far less welcome. This isn’t your typical dinner conversation, but then again, this isn’t your typical dinner. Join us for an enlightening evening where the menu features a side of learning with every course.

🔬 Special Guest: Cally Edgren – The Chemist Who Doesn’t Wear a White Coat to Dinner

Dine with the incomparable Cally Edgren, Assent’s very own Senior Director of Sustainability, who finds the humor in compliance without compromising on the facts. With nearly three decades of making sense of the insensible, Cally will guide us through the maze of product regulations with the ease of a seasoned chef navigating her kitchen.

🌍 Why Should You Care About PFAS?

Because they’re everywhere! In your waterproof jackets, in your pans, even in your pizza boxes. They’re the ultimate crashers of the environmental party. But fear not! This dinner is your chance to learn how to dance with these persistent partners without letting them step on your toes.

📋 On the Agenda:

“Does This Apply to Me?” Unraveling the mystery of chemicals in products regulations with the precision of solving a murder mystery in a dining room.

“Mitigating the Risk Without Losing Your Mind” – Strategies to keep your products and sanity intact, despite the ever-growing list of regulations.

“PFAS: Not Your Average Dinner Guest” – Understanding the impact of PFAS, how to minimize exposure, and why they’re the topic of every environmental conversation.

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Date & Time:

April 24, 2024 5:30-8:30 PM CDT


Gibsons Rosemont
5464 North River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018

Join Us for an Unforgettable Evening with Cally Edgren and Team: Where Science Meets Sustenance!