The journey to B Corp certification isn’t an easy one, but it was worth the monumental effort. The certification shows that we meet high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency, but our work can’t stop here. March is B Corp Certification Month, and this year’s theme is “We Go Beyond,” so we’re asking ourselves the question, how do we continue to go above and beyond?

B Corp Certification: What It Means & Why It Matters 

B Corp Certification is a designation awarded to companies that have passed rigorous due diligence requirements. These companies demonstrate a holistic approach to transparency and accountability. The certification is considered one of the top independent sustainability certifications a company can attain. 

B Lab, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making business a force for good, awards the B Corp Certification, as well as other good governance initiatives. The organization’s guiding vision is an inclusive and sustainable economy that creates shared prosperity for everyone. 

Assent achieved B Corp certification at the end of June 2022 after passing B Lab’s social and performance audits. We’re now part of an exclusive circle of businesses with this status, and we’re the only North American software company with B Corp Certification and “advanced status” within the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). 

Why We Did It

When we started talking about B Corp certification, we knew it was important that we “walk the walk” in terms of establishing the type of sustainable business we help our clients create. Assent is the only provider of supply chain sustainability software that goes beyond the status quo to make supply chains deeply sustainable. Attaining B Corp certification was crucial to cementing our position as a leader in sustainability and establishing a business model that puts people and the planet on par with profits. 

The future of our company, and our planet, relies on this shared commitment to sustainability. The path to B Corp certification is neither short nor easy, but it is essential. Sustainability is a journey, and there are always more steps to take to move further on the path. 

Attaining B Corp Certification validates the good work Assent has already done. It also provides a clear path to improvement so we have a plan to become even more sustainable. 

Think of B Corp Certification as a third-party stamp that Assent takes sustainability seriously. This certification is a mark of due diligence. 

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have become a major focus for manufacturers. Download our resource, The Manufacturers’ Guide to Supply Chain ESG, to identify and mitigate your risks.

Integrating B Corp Values Into Our Daily Work 

Incorporating B Corp principles into everyday work at Assent was a critical part of our certification. 

First, we amended our articles of incorporation to reflect all of our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include shareholders, employees, suppliers, creditors, and consumers, as well as the government, the environment, and the community and society in which we operate.

Second, we have new governance structures and personnel to integrate sustainable practices across the organization. The Executive Sustainability Committee, a newly-formed group at Assent, ensures we make progress toward its environmental and social goals, and that we’re making a positive impact on the world.

The committee oversees strategy, policies, and programs implemented by the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Corporate Sustainability Program Manager. 

B Corp Status & Our Sustainability Journey 

Every organization is on its own sustainability journey. Assent is no exception. We help companies around the globe see deeper into their supply chains to create products that are deeply and durably good.

B Corp Certification is an important milestone in an organization’s sustainability journey, although it is not the final destination. We always want to keep improving. Our B Corp certification pushes us to do just that. We help track and manage the supply chain portion of the B Impact Assessment, which brings companies one step closer to certification.

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Katie Allen
Corporate Sustainability Program Manager

Katie is responsible for ESG strategy, reporting, and engagement. She is also the founder of Zest, an independent consultancy and think tank offering sustainability and social impact solutions for growing  Read More

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