Over 500 companies worldwide use the Assent Compliance Platform to manage product compliance, vendor management, and corporate social responsibility data. When clients first begin with Assent, they go through what’s known as an implementation process, where data is organized for transfer, and technical details, such as application programming interface (API) connections if needed, are organized.

Ali Sayed-Ali is a Senior Solutions Architect and has helped implement the Assent Compliance Platform for Fortune 500 companies in various industries. Below, he answers some of the most common questions our clients ask as they begin the implementation process.

Implementation FAQs

Q: What steps do I need to be prepared for when implementing a solution like the Assent Compliance Platform?

A: When we onboard new clients, we start with a detailed requirements workshop for the effective transfer of bill of material (BOM) part and supplier data, because this data is the foundation of a successful supplier engagement program. It’s important to be prepared with the right stakeholders and data. Our teams work to ensure this effort runs efficiently and smoothly, identifying any gaps quickly, and prioritizing onboarding activities and timelines based on our customers’ level of urgency dictated by regulatory compliance or business requirements.

Q: Who are the relevant stakeholders that need to be part of the implementation process?

A: We work with a diverse array of companies across many verticals, but typically a primary point of contact is assigned with the involvement of representatives from regulatory affairs, quality engineering, procurement, and IT teams, especially in initial conversations and workshops related to implementation.

More than 500 companies worldwide have implemented the Assent Compliance Platform. Learn more about Assent’s solution in our guide, The Assent Compliance Platform: Building Value Into Your Supply Chain Data Management Program.

Q: What does Assent’s implementation team look like?

A: When clients begin their implementation journey, they meet their full support team, which includes:

  • A Customer Success Manager, who serves as the main point of contact beyond the implementation phase, and coordinates Assent resources, such as regulatory subject matter expertise.
  • A Program Manager, who will also stay with the team beyond the implementation phase and is responsible for executing the program, developing the supplier engagement strategy, and optimizing response rates.
  • A Data Support Specialist, who is matched with the team for the implementation process, and is responsible for ensuring BOM, supplier, and custom data are uploaded into our system.

This team provides clients with guidance and data templates to transfer the relevant data to the Assent Compliance Manager.

Q: What if not everyone on my team speaks English?

A: Assent’s teams are multilingual and can coordinate resources that many speak languages, including German and Chinese, to assist with implementation and program management.

Q: How long does implementation take?

A: Implementation is not a one-size-fits-all process, and the timeline depends on the particular program and data types. However, companies with organized BOM and supplier contact data typically experience shorter implementation times. Once a company provides all the necessary data, the Assent Compliance Manager is generally up and running in a matter of days for our standard modules and weeks for custom surveys.

Q: What kind of training should I expect to need/be available for me to use the software myself?

A: Assent has dedicated product trainers who will teach you to use the Assent Compliance Manager, including how to pull reports and interpret your data. There is also a full Learning Management System available for clients, and many resources and ongoing webinars. Some clients choose to start their training right away to hit the ground running, while others prefer to focus on data transfer before starting their training.

Assent’s Customer Success team supports clients and suppliers with their individual compliance goals. To learn more about how Assent’s team works alongside the Assent Compliance Platform to transform clients’ supply chain data management programs, contact our experts.

Brier Dodge
Agile Marketing Product Owner

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