On November 18, 2020, companies from around the globe connected at Assent’s virtual seminar, Compliance Countdown: Your New SCIP Database Requirements. The event gave companies program insights and next steps for meeting new requirements under the European Union (EU) Waste Framework Directive (WFD).

The seminar was held in late 2020, in preparation for the January 5, 2021, submission deadline for the Substances of Concern In articles, as such or in complex objects (Products) (SCIP) database. It was attended by 95 compliance, supply chain, and procurement professionals from the U.S. and EU regions, and the largest brands in the world.

While it’s clear enterprise companies have the SCIP database on their radar, many have expressed confusion regarding how to upgrade their program.

Learn more about how to keep access to the EU market in our guide, Building a SCIP Database Program.

Speakers targeted these areas through seven expert-led sessions:

  • Claudia Mensi from A2A S.p.A and FEAD discussed how the EU WFD provides waste workers with better access to safety materials and best practices for information sharing within their units.
  • Cally Edgren from Kohler Co. talked about how an enterprise-wide approach to compliance is more effective for maintaining market access than a siloed approach across business units.
  • Magnus Piotrowski from Lenovo spoke about which compliance efforts you should prioritize in each of your business areas.
  • A group of Assent’s experts showed how to build dossiers in the IUCLID format, and how platform technology automates and simplifies the submission process.

Attendees left with resources and insights for preparing their SCIP notifications. In a post-event survey, most reported that they attended to gain a better understanding of their obligations, and that the seminar helped them meet their objective.

All attendees were confident they could use the information from the seminar and apply it to their business program.

What does the SCIP database mean for your business? Find out at Assent’s SCIP Registration Center.

As a SCIP IT user group member, Assent worked with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) throughout the database’s planning phase to refine and streamline data exchange for companies in scope. This has enabled us to produce the most comprehensive set of solutions available, including free tools for small businesses and advanced platform technology for larger enterprises.

The Assent platform automates supplier engagement and provides ongoing program support, so you can easily manage these new requirements. You can also use our SCIP solution to make your notifications, with the touch of a button from your module dashboard. With other solutions that don’t maintain EU entities, you’ll have to file them yourself, and still do most of the work.

You can learn more about how to keep access to the EU market in 2021 by contacting our experts.

Dr. Raj Takhar
Regulatory & Sustainability Expert, Product Sustainability

Raj helps companies meet their product compliance challenges in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. He specializes in product compliance, chemical reporting, and program implementation in Europe.

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