First Ever Conflict Minerals Influencers List Released!

Assent Compliance is proud to announce the first ever Conflict Mineral Top 100 Most Influential People 2015.  The list was independently researched by Lucas Taylor University of Notre Dame MBA / LDT Consulting on behalf of Assent Compliance.  The following factors were taken into account when building this list.

Download Here > Conflict Mineral Top 100 Most Influential People 2015

What Were The Categories For The Conflict Minerals Influencers List?

–          NGO’s

–          Government Officials

–          Corporations

–          Trade Organizations

–          Next Frontier

–          Service Providers

–          Legal/Audit

–          Media

While there could have been a conflict mineral influencer list for each of the categories this list examined the top influencers holistically. There were multiple variables taken into account when ranking. These included the following:

–          Organization Size

–          Participation in Due Process of Passing Legislation

–          Social Media Followers – LinkedIn / Twitter

–          Klout Score

–          Trade Show and Industry Group Participation – Online/Offline

–          Media Citations / Participation

The scoring algorithm was developed and then participants were added to the list and adjusted based on individual research by LDT consulting. This list will be revised annually to reflect the changing landscape of the regulation.

Congratulations to every person, and their respective organizations that made the list. You will notice that spot 100 is vacant. Was there anyone missed? If so please share the list on LinkedIn and mention in your share who you would have added or what you think should have been done differently. Please join the dialog in creating the Top 100 list for 2016.

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Matthew Desrosiers
Director, Content Marketing & Communications

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