In the latest Radical Compliance podcast, Materials Declarations and IPC-1754, Travis Miller, General Counsel at Assent, provides detailed insight into the recently-released IPC-1754 materials declaration standard for companies in the aerospace and defense and heavy equipment industries.

In this episode, host Matt Kelly of Radical Compliance and Travis Miller discuss why IPC-1754 is so vital to industry, what burdens companies face and how they should begin to think about compliance. Some valuable insights taken from the podcast include:

Why Is IPC-1754 Vital to Industry?

Developed by an Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) working group and sponsored by the International Aerospace Environmental Group, IPC-1754 is a material declaration standard that facilitates the collection of standardized data and allows it to flow up the supply chain. Previously established standards such as IPC-1752A prompted companies with product compliance requirements to collect full material disclosures for their products, but this standard of material declaration was not realistic for companies in the aerospace and defense and heavy equipment industries. As a result, the IPC-1754 standard was developed, with input from a variety of stakeholders including regulatory experts at Assent Compliance to help companies look into the chemistry of their products and identify high-risk substances. It provides a standard XML template companies can use to meet various declarable substance list (DSL) requirements.

What Challenges Do Companies Face?

As regulations on restricted substances continue to evolve around the world, companies in industry need to ensure they are performing due diligence to prevent loss of market access. Companies need to understand the composition of their products and remain aware of the presence of high-risk substances in their supply chain in order to effectively mitigate the risks they uncover.

How to Comply

An important insight from the episode discloses that many companies in scope do not have a program in place to comply with the requirements of IPC-1754. As a starting point, Miller recommends that companies begin gathering information from their suppliers by surveying their supply chain for information.

For more insights into the standard, compliance and more, listen to the entire podcast Materials Declarations and IPC-1754.

If you have questions or concerns about IPC-1754, read our Knowledge Article, Introduction to the IPC-1754 Materials Declaration Standard, or contact us today.

Ashley Woods
Senior Manager Content Writing

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