The Materials and Substances Declaration for the Aerospace and Defense, and Other Industries standard, known as IPC-1754, was developed by a working group of the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC). The IPC-1754 materials declaration standard provides a standard XML template companies across many industries can use to meet various declarable substance list (DSL) requirements. Using single or multi-level bills of material, entities in all areas of the supply chain can easily declare substances used in manufacturing, maintenance, and product overhaul, and have their information flow up to the next tier.

Upload, edit and generate IPC-1752A and IPC-1754 XML declaration files with the Assent Materials Declaration Tool.

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The IPC-1754 Standard Establishes Three Classes of Material Declarations:

  • Class E
    • The supplier responds to statements defined by the industry regarding substances in their product(s) using true, false or unknown responses.
  • Class F
    • The supplier reports on the presence of industry-defined DSL substances contained in their product(s), as well as in processes required for production and/or maintenance of the product(s).
  • Class G
    • The supplier submits declaration data for DSL substances and any other substances up to a full substance declaration. The supplier may also report on substances used in processes required for production, operations, maintenance, repair and/or refurbishment of their product(s).

Who Benefits From IPC-1754?

  • Companies in the aerospace and defence, and heavy machinery industries
  • Other companies that want to consolidate reporting on a range of product compliance regulations — including REACH, RoHS and Proposition 65 — through the use of various DSLs
  • Manufacturers, producers, distributors that require visibility into all tiers of the supply chain
  • Suppliers working across multiple industries that want to establish a common set of data fields for material declarations

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