“Assent is probably saving us millions of dollars in fines alone, ignoring any other legal implications of compliance violations.”
— Head of supplier regulatory compliance, home appliances.
“One major benefit that we see is the supply chain response. That benefit is really, really important for us because educating suppliers takes effort. It’s more than just issuing emails. It requires phone calls. It requires online guidance for filing declarations and understanding them. The major advantage is [that] Assent really helps get responses from our suppliers.”
— Corporate regulatory compliance manager, electronics.

In this webinar, learn how the Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Platform can help significantly improve your compliance program’s engagement and results, with Forrester’s analysis showing a potential 304% ROI. It’s a can’t-miss event for businesses facing accelerating compliance requirements and shrinking budgets.

We’ll deep dive into detailed models and months of our commissioned research from Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact™ study. You’ll learn why manual compliance processes create significant non-compliance risks and how to estimate your own potential costs and benefits. 

Assent experts Cally Edgren (Director, Regulatory and Sustainability Experts) and James Calder (VP, Compliance & Regulatory Programs) along with guest speaker, Forrester consultant Nick Mayberry will share insights on:

  • How to reduce supplier onboarding and engagement costs by 50–100%
  • The cost of non-compliance risks (and why it’s not just fines)
  • Building your business case for supply chain sustainability management


  • James Calder, VP, Compliance & Regulatory Programs at Assent
  • Cally Edgren, Director, Regulatory & Sustainability Experts at Assent
  • Nick Mayberry, Forrester Consultant