There’s a gold mine waiting in your supply chain sustainability and PFAS management program, but only if you know where to look. Changing how you think about your compliance program is the key to unlocking its potential. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear advice on how to think strategically about compliance from experts with firsthand experience in transforming their own programs. You’ll learn how to quantify the business value of your role and communicate to leaders and customers what monetary your value program brings to the table.

We’ll cover:

  • Making compliance a value-added service and market differentiator
  • Protecting your bottom line from risks like PFAS disruptions
  • Reducing operational costs and improving efficiency
  • Talking to stakeholders about the value of compliance programs to win buy in

Expert Speakers:

  • Ryan Zelhofer, Director of Sustainability, Assent Inc.
  • Jason Ksar, Account Executive, Assent Inc.

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