The 2023 conflict minerals reporting season is almost upon us, and the pressure is mounting to get the accurate data you need to create a comprehensive report. Getting responses from suppliers and making sense of your data is no simple task. But, with the right partner like Assent, this reporting season could possibly be easier than last.

Mark your calendars for April 3, 2024! You’ll hear from an expert from the International Tin Association to dive into the nitty-gritty of mineral supply chain audits — just in time to tackle the 2023 conflict minerals reporting season. It’s all about making sense of the data and stepping up your reporting game.

Here’s what we have lined up:

  • A look at how the International Tin Association’s helps organize the upstream mineral supply chain and what that means for your reporting
  • A walkthrough of how Assent supports customers via the OECD due diligence process, from start to finish
  • Details on how Assent also helps you meet your deadlines without all the stress

Guest Speaker: 

  • Daniel Zamora — Sustainability Specialist at the International Tin Association


  • Jared Connors — Director, Sustainability at Assent
  • Noah Taetle — Regulatory & Sustainability Analyst, ESG & Responsible Sourcing

Don’t miss this chance to refine your conflict minerals reporting strategy. Watch the webinar today and gain insights that will protect your business against the risks of non-compliance. A recording of the webinar and a copy of the presentation slides will be made available to all registrants after the event.