Is your product compliance program as airtight as it could be? If you’re missing the legal perspective, then the answer is no!

Don’t miss this webinar featuring Kristen James, General Counsel at True Manufacturing and the driving force behind the creation of the company’s compliance program. Learn how she won executive buy-in for her vision, why breaking down silos between supply chain management and legal teams is crucial, and how to understand the true return on investment of your compliance program.

In the webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to turn proactive compliance into a competitive advantage
  • The relationship between product compliance, market access, and legal liability
  • How to engage your legal and compliance teams for the best results

Learn from the challenges and achievements True Manufacturing encountered on their journey to establishing a resilient compliance program. Register for the webinar today.


  • Kristen James, General Counsel, True Manufacturing
  • Cally Edgren, Senior Director, Sustainability, Assent