Supply Chain ESG Product Tour

Take a self-guided tour and discover Assent’s complete solution for every step of your supply chain ESG journey, from supplier engagement to reporting — and everything in between. Build a resilient supply chain and keep up with growing demand for sustainability data.

See for Yourself How Assent Can Help

Learn how to start mitigating your supplier ESG risks and protect yourself from supply chain disruptions with Assent’s ESG solution, combining sustainability technology, services, and expertise. Take the tour to get a closer look at:

  • The benefits of the Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Platform
  • How our enhanced supplier screening process detects hidden ESG risks
  • How you can improve supplier engagement and onboarding with Assent
  • The sustainability experts who will help you build and mature your program
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Tell a More Compelling ESG Story With Deeper Data

Investors, regulators, and your customers are all demanding better sustainability data. Assent gives you an ESG program built on defensible data that grows with you. Protect yourself from the rising tide of sustainability requirements with a comprehensive due diligence solution that includes:

  • Configurable ESG surveys covering vital supply chain topics
  • Corrective actions to improve supplier performance over time
  • Supply chain report inserts to round out your ESG disclosures
  • Expert review and support for your rating and ranking agency submissions
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Supply chains are complex, but managing your ESG programs doesn’t have to be. See how Assent makes supply chain ESG achievable.