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Take the tour to learn how Assent’s product compliance solution helps you avoid risk. See how automated workflows keep you more efficient. Save time and money on your compliance program.

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Discover How Assent Helps You

Avoid product compliance risks and supply chain disruptions with Assent’s product compliance solution. It combines technology, services, and trusted expertise. Take a self-guided tour now to learn: 

  • How the Assent product compliance solution offers greater data depth, going deeper into parts and substances
  • What risks are lurking in your supply chain 
  • How you can generate declarations with the click of a button
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Assent Solution Guide

Go Far Beyond Checkbox Compliance

Product compliance regulations are becoming more and more strict. Non-compliance means loss of market access and expensive reputation damage. Assent helps you go beyond basic compliance with unprecedented depth. Our comprehensive product compliance solution, part of the Assent platform, offers: 

  • Data consolidation and management across business silos 
  • Automated and streamlined data requests, minimizing fatigue for suppliers
  • Expert guidance, support, and data to stay ahead of global regulations
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Create a rock-solid foundation for sustainability with Assent’s product compliance solution.