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From temporary closures of manufacturing facilities to uncertainties about the continued operation of ports, COVID-19 is having a significant impact on global supply chains. During this difficult time, we want to help you respond effectively. Keep reading to learn about the actions we’re taking to support our clients and their suppliers, get answers to your questions and take advantage of the resources we’ve compiled to help bring clarity to the chaos.

How Assent Is Helping

Supply Chain Experts to Guide Programs

Despite COVID-19 supply chain challenges, governing bodies will not be granting extensions on annual regulatory reports (although implementation of new regulations may be postponed). To reduce the pressure, our experts will continue to support clients in their efforts to engage suppliers and obtain quality data, including information on COVID-19 measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Assent’s approach to managing COVID-19 impacts.

Have Assent’s operations been impacted by COVID-19?

While Assent’s offices are temporarily closed, daily operations and services continue to run at full capacity with employees working remotely. Travel and in-person meetings are suspended until further notice. However, Assent is still supporting clients and those interested in our services through video conferencing.

Any future impacts of COVID-19 on Assent’s operations, or on our customers or partners, will be communicated with those stakeholders immediately.

Are any of my programs at risk if Assent becomes impacted by COVID-19?

Assent is well-prepared to respond to impacts from COVID-19. We have built-in redundancies across our offices for program management, and our workforce has quickly adjusted to working remotely.

We do not anticipate any risk to client programs as a result of the virus, should one or multiple Assent offices become further impacted. In some cases, however, programs may need to be transitioned to other teams. We appreciate your patience and understanding in those unlikely circumstances.

How long will Assent’s travel restrictions remain in force?

We understand that on-site meetings with Assent representatives, both at Assent and external locations, are extremely valuable to our clients. However, it is our intent to prioritize the safety of both our employees and our clients through this travel restriction. We will maintain travel restrictions in line with guidance from leading health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

What is happening with Assent’s industry events?

We understand the value of events for Assent customers, their suppliers and others. As stated above, it is our intent to prioritize the safety of both our employees and attendees by postponing live, in-person events for the immediate future. We will maintain these event cancellations in line with guidance from leading health organizations, including the WHO, the CDC, and PHAC. Assent will communicate with all of our stakeholders when we are able to reschedule or reopen our live events.

Has anyone at Assent contracted COVID-19?

At this time, no Assent employees have contracted COVID-19. To limit exposure, Assent has taken proactive measures. We have implemented a temporary mandatory work from home policy for all employees who are able to do so — including all North American and European offices — and are providing education and best practices to employees to prevent the spread of illness.

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