B Corp Certified Company Strengthens Commitment to ESG by Delivering Innovative Solution and New Accountability for Sustainability Impacts

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, April 3, 2023 – Assent Inc. (Assent), a leader in supply chain sustainability management, released its annual sustainability report, which summarizes the latest achievements of its economic, environmental, and social (ESG) performance. The 2022 report, titled “Assent’s Journey to Deep Sustainability: Charting the Course Internally & Externally,” demonstrates Assent’s progress toward maturing its ESG program to achieve deep sustainability.

In 2022, Assent made progress and strengthened its ESG commitments, responding to new industry demands for more transparency and accountability. Most significantly, the company became the only North American software company to hold both B Corp Certification and “Advanced Status” with the United Nations Global Compact.

Over the last year, Assent delivered notable ESG performance, leading by example, as the company continues to guide manufacturers on their journeys to deep sustainability across their supply chains. Areas of focus  included governance, environmental impact, DE&I and employment practices. The company also amplified privacy and data security, customer experience and continued to innovate by delivering a complete ESG solution for manufacturers.  

Assent also identified the company’s most material sustainability topics and established new ESG governance to oversee progress in those areas. This included creating a new Executive Sustainability Committee to create executive-level ownership and accountability for Assent’s sustainability impacts. Assent also created a new role of Corporate Sustainability Program Manager to implement and track the company’s actions and progress toward its ESG program goals and targets, which will be set in 2023.

Like many of the complex manufacturing clients Assent works with, the majority of the company’s climate impacts are located in the supply chain, not its direct operations. Assent made progress on this front with expanded data collection and reporting to include Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. This increased access to climate impact data will allow Assent to track and measure year-over-year change beginning in 2023. 

“Assent’s purpose is to make deep sustainability possible for complex manufacturers and their global supply chains, and this report demonstrates our commitment to journey alongside them,” said Andrew Waitman, CEO of Assent. “In 2022, we released our end-to-end ESG solution to help over 750 manufacturers meet and exceed evolving ESG standards and regulations. As we support them in their own path to deep sustainability, we are also leading by example by continually improving our own ESG performance. We are proud of the progress we made in 2022 and look forward to setting our ESG goals and targets in 2023.” 

Assent’s 2022 sustainability report highlights include: 

  • Achieving Unprecedented Impact Certifications: Became the first North American software company to achieve both B Corp Certification and “Advanced Status” with the United Nations Global Compact, signifying that the company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact. 
  • Delivering Industry-Leading Product Innovation: Launched the first complete ESG solution that provides manufacturers with deeper supply chain insights and the ability to report on climate impact, human trafficking and slavery, labor rights, diversity and inclusion, human rights, and more.
  • Expanding Supply Chain Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management: Reported Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for the first time ever to transparently track and manage Assent’s climate impacts in a hybrid global workplace. 
  • Advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Based on employee feedback channels, continued to expand wellness and total rewards programs, including a uniquely flexible wellness reimbursement program and a global parental leave program with annual salary top-up for 12 weeks open to all parents. 

In 2022, we identified our most material topics and created new levels of accountability for our sustainability impacts through our new Executive Sustainability Committee,” said Sarah Carpenter, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Assent. “Our engagement with ESG is embedded across our organization like never before and our newest solutions and regulatory expertise are built to help manufacturers confidently do the same.

Learn more and read the Assent 2022 sustainability report here

About Assent Inc. 

Assent is the supply chain sustainability management solution dedicated to helping complex manufacturers bring responsible products to the world. Because supply chains were never built with sustainability in mind, Assent goes deep: past the suppliers of parts, down to the parts of parts and beyond, to map the entire complex manufacturing genome. Shaped by regulatory experts, customers, and suppliers, Assent is the foundation for cross-enterprise sustainability. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Assent employs more than 1,000 team members dedicated to customers across the globe. Assent reveals what’s hidden, validates what’s good, and helps eliminate unwanted surprises so the world’s forward-thinking complex manufacturing companies can become more sustainable businesses. Learn more about deep sustainability – from product compliance to ESG – at assent.com or join us at Assent Careers.

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