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Supply Chain Management Today

Internal sustainability and compliance programs often lack the resources needed to do more than the bare minimum, leaving risks unaddressed and opportunities unexplored. Now, companies are outsourcing management of these crucial activities.

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Why Outsourcing Is Key

Because most companies lack in-house expertise, tools, and resources to collect accurate data from deep in their supply chains, programs become a source of risk, creating:

  • Delays in data collection and reporting.
  • Expenses from internal hires and training.
  • Fines and reputation damage.

How It Works

Data Procurement

The Assent Sustainability Network has mapped over 86 million pieces of data meaning your company gets access to supplier and part data faster than any manual program can deliver.

Expert Analysis

Our team of regulatory experts analyze your supply chain data to ensure you have the due diligence data you need. We identify gaps and risks, and monitor regulations for changes.

Deeper Reporting

We roll up data into accurate and complete reports that have the depth investors, customers, and regulatory bodies are looking for.

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Assent Advantage

Why Choose Assent for Compliance Outsourcing

Assent is the supply chain sustainability management leader, with best-in-class software and over 200 years of combined regulatory expertise. Save thousands of hours annually on sustainability and compliance management with our multilingual, international support.

Rethink Program Management: Outsource With Assent

Assent’s program management service delivers better results for less than the cost of an in-house compliance program. Contact us to get started.

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