R “Ray” Wang

Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman, Constellation Research, Inc.

“R. “”’Ray’”” Wang is the Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research Inc., which advises Global 2000 companies on business strategy, adoption of disruptive technologies, and preparing for the future. As a research analyst, Ray has worked with clients on digital, innovation, business model design, engagement strategies, and more. He has won the prestigious Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) Analyst of the Year Award three times.

He is also the author of the popular business strategy and technology blog A Software Insider’s Point of View. With tens of millions of page views every year, his blog provides insight into how disruptive technologies and new business models such as digital transformation impact brands, enterprises, and organizations. His best-selling book, Disrupting Digital Business, provides insight into why 52 percent of Fortune 500 companies have been merged, acquired, gone bankrupt, or fallen off the list since 2000. He is a prominent and dynamic keynote speaker, a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and is frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC TV, Reuters, IDG News Service, and other global media outlets.

Prior to Constellation Research, Ray held executive roles in product, marketing, strategy, and consulting at companies such as Forrester Research, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Personify, and Johns Hopkins Hospital.”