Trying to maintain EU market access by meeting REACH requirements and ignoring SCIP is like making a margarita with tequila and no lime — it just doesn’t work. If you’re in scope of REACH, you’re in scope of SCIP, and you need a solution that addresses both.

Join us for a virtual tasting event where a mixologist will show you how smoking traditional cocktails can create a multi-sensory experience. While you mix and enjoy your cocktails, you’ll also hear from an Assent regulatory expert about the connection between REACH and SCIP.

As part of the experience, guests will receive a unique kit that includes:

  • Three aromatic bricks (maple, oak, and cherry)
  • Two hand-crafted bitters
  • Mini brûlée torch
  • … And more!

Note: You’ll need 1 oz of your own liquor to make your cocktails at home. To ensure we can ship the above items to you before December 7, please provide a shipping address where you would like to receive the items.


Neil Smith — Regulatory & Sustainability Expert, Product Sustainability 

Meredith McNamara — Mixology Expert

Antonio Querin — Mixology Expert

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