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Elevate Your PFAS Compliance Game

Get the Secrets to Proactive Compliance at Bird Dog

On March 21, Bird Dog is the place to be, and not just because it’s one of Palo Alto’s hottest restaurants. (Don’t take our word for it — they were featured in the Michelin Guide.) It’s because we’re hosting an evening for the city’s best and brightest, featuring our special guest speaker, John Gardella, Co-Owner and Attorney at CMBG3 Law, to discuss all things compliance, specifically those PFAS chemicals you keep hearing about. This is your golden ticket to insights and best practices that can change the course of your year. And, not to mention, great food and company.

When: March 21 | Bird Dog Palo Alto | 5 PM PST

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If you have ghosts, you call the ghostbusters. If you have PFAS risks, you call John Gardella. He’s the Co-Owner of CMBG3 Law, and the renowned authority on PFAS and environmental law. He’ll also be our special guest on March 21. There’s nobody more qualified to walk you through emerging PFAS regulations and risks to your business.

Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this chance to stay ahead of the compliance curve in 2024. With the EPA’s mandatory PFAS reporting window opening on November 12, 2024, it’s a year that presents significant risks to the unprepared, but also real opportunities for those that are ready to seize them.

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March 21 at 5 PM PST


Bird Dog Palo Alto
420 Ramona St
Palo Alto, CA