Welcome to Assent!

Your customer invites you to use the Assent Supplier Portal to make compliance submissions

What Does This Mean for You?

Your customer is in scope of numerous global regulations and requires data from you to demonstrate compliance. Assent is the industry-leading supply chain data management company and enhances automation and accuracy when collecting, submitting or managing data related to corporate social responsibility, product compliance and/or vendor management programs. This ensures communication between you and your customer remains efficient, reliable and secure.

This partnership will also benefit you in a number of other ways, such as:

  • Access to training and education.
  • Guidance from globally-recognized experts.
  • Efficient data submissions through the easy-to-use Assent Supplier Portal.
  • An interface secured by industry best practices that’s unique to your business.

We look forward to a long and successful business relationship with you and your client, starting today.

Supplier Onboarding Video

You may be required to collect and submit a variety of data types to your customer in order for them to meet their goals — Assent is here to help. Our Supplier Onboarding video will introduce you to the Assent Supplier Portal and answer many of the questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Assent? What do we do? Why are you being asked to submit data? Find the answers to frequently asked questions here or visit our help center for more information.

Who is Assent?

Assent is the only supply chain sustainability management provider that helps complex manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals with defensible data. Our clients strive to comply with a variety of global regulations in the product compliance, ESG, and trade compliance spaces.

How does this partnership affect my company?

The partnership between Assent and your client ensures communications are efficient and streamlined, saving you time and effort. We will be sending you requests for data on your client’s behalf and asking you to submit this data through the Assent Supplier Portal. You will benefit from exclusive access to resources and support through this partnership.

Why do my client’s data requests matter to my company?

Fulfilling your client’s data requests with Assent means you will benefit from an uninterrupted business relationship and also helps your client to have continued access to the global market.

Why is accurate data important to my client?

Submitting the data your client requests in a complete and accurate manner through the Assent Supplier Portal helps ensure they have access to all the information they require to meet the demands of an ever-changing global marketplace, protect their products, and avoid any potential legal or ethical ramifications.

What do I need to do to fulfill this data request?

In order to fulfill a data request from Assent on behalf of your client, you will need to follow the explanation provided in the initial request. For support, educational resources, or to modify previous data submissions, you will need to visit your unique Supplier Portal.

When do I need to submit my completed data?

You will need to submit your completed data by the timeline outlined in the data request from Assent. If you do not submit your data after repeated email communications, your client’s Program Manager at Assent will reach out to you directly to offer our support.

How do I submit data?

When you receive a request for data, we will provide a secure link to your unique Supplier Portal. You will not need to log in. You will have access to the most current templates (if applicable), as well as acceptance criteria in the Supplier Portal to aid in data collection, and can upload your information quickly and easily through the secure interface.

How do I know I have submitted my data correctly?

You will receive an automated email after you submit your data. This email will confirm the information has been uploaded and received by Assent. If the information you have provided is not complete, you will receive a notification indicating corrections need to be made.

How does my client know I have submitted the compliance data required?

Assent is in contact with your client and will update them when you have provided the information they requested. Your client has access to all declarations you have submitted through the Assent platform.

Dedicated Support

We are here to help. Assent’s dedicated support team is available by phone or email for service in multiple languages. We also provide 24/5 chat support. We can provide information on regulations, including your requirements, technical support and other services.

More About Assent

Your customer chose Assent because we provide leading, innovative critical regulatory challenges. By automating the data collection process required to meet many global regulatory requirements, Assent provides transparency, traceability, and a deep understanding of supply chain sustainability data. The best-in-class Assent platform combines our globally-recognized team of regulatory experts with our dedicated customer and supplier support teams to provide a truly comprehensive supply chain sustainability management solution. The platform enhances data management programs for companies around the world, removing barriers to market access and reducing risk.