Assent in Depth: Cindy Laney, Enterprise Account Executive

At Assent, one of our values is perspective. We believe that diversity isn’t only a matter of respect, but also a way to supercharge our success. We’re privileged to have some incredible, capable women on our team. Hear from them about their Assent experience and how they’re helping companies build a sustainable future.


Take a deeper dive into the Assent experience with Cindy Laney, an enterprise account executive. She shares her thoughts on what it’s like to work at Assent, and why it’s a welcoming place for women in tech.

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Q&A With Cindy Laney

Q: What do you love most about working at Assent? 

A: I love many things about working at Assent, but especially the emphasis on protecting the safety and the rights of others. I’ve been in compliance tech sales for over two decades. And I’ve seen days when women had to fight much harder to bridge gaps in pay and perception, especially in tech. I’m happy to be in a place where I no longer worry about those concerns. Assent believes women are an asset to a tech sales organization.

Q: What are some of the reasons women are an asset to a tech sales organization? 

A: Number one, we reflect the makeup of client organizations, helping us to form strong connections. Two, we place an emphasis on building relationships that lead to strong collaboration. Three, we nurture those relationships to build total solutions and enduring partnerships. And finally, we create win-wins for our clients and our colleagues.

Assent is building a culture where everyone feels valued. We share our perspectives, our experiences, and our points of view. I’m excited to see so many outstanding women joining the company, especially in sales. Together, we build stronger, we make better decisions, and we enjoy incredible success.

Q: What brought you to Assent? 

A: There were several things that attracted me to Assent. 

First, the products and services we sell are timely and very much in demand, which is a big deal when you’re a salesperson. Second, Assents products and services help create a stronger corporate citizenry, so we help companies do the right thing not just to stay off the regulators’ radar, but also because they really do want to do the right thing.

Third, the leadership at Assent is progressive and truly dedicated to creating a safe and happy workplace. Finally, the person who recruited me, Clay Osborne, is just one of the best humans I have ever known. 

Q: How do you feel Assent supports women in tech? 

A: Assent truly has created an environment that is dedicated to diversity and inclusion. Some of the most successful salespeople are women, and there’s no disparity in pay, perception, or potential for growth. Importantly, it doesn’t feel like a “boys club” here.  

Q: How does Assent allow you to create a positive impact? 

A: Assent enables me to make a positive impact by providing training, coaching, a world-class solution set, and a safety net of people way smarter than me, who help me sell. But the bigger impact I can make is in the delivery of our solutions to clients, because properly implemented, there’s no doubt our solution helps make the world a safer and more sustainable place.

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